Infinished Story Line..ugh

[Post New]by Lady__Flannel on Oct 15, 09 2:17 PM
You just KNOW that Jill is pregnant throughout the game and that Jack is clueless. I just KNEW she would pop the surprise at the end of the game.. Instead you are left hanging..

SO.... That means ANOTHER Cake Mania will be on the way. At least I hope so. I would love an 'unlimited play' like what you can get with Flo's Dinner stuff. You play until you lose so many customers.. etc..

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Re:Infinished Story Line..ugh

[Post New]by SeverineSnape on Oct 20, 09 12:31 PM
I agree! I've only got Cake Mania 2 and this one, and I played CM2 till infinity because of the unlimited mode, trying to beat my own highest score. I really miss that here. I played the storyline through twice but I don't feel like doing that again.

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