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Tips and Tricks for Brick Quest 2

[Post New]by bfgAegean on Sep 15, 08 3:26 PM
Capture the monsters – A key to this game is to capture the monsters you see on screen, because many of the later worlds in the game will require you to capture x amount of a certain type of monster in order to proceed. To capture a monster, hit it enough times with the ball until it’s stunned. You’ll know it has been stunned when you see stars around its head. When you see this, place your ship under the monster and hit the right mouse button to fire a net at it, which will capture the monster.

Capture a ghost – Unlike the other monsters, ghosts can’t simply be captured by hitting them with the ball. You need to obtain a power-up, such as an ice ball, fireball, or bomb, and hit the ghost while the power-up is in effect. Once the ghost is stunned, capture him with the net the same way you would any other monster.

Save the little green critters
– Much like with the monsters, certain later levels in the game require you to have saved x amount of the little green critters that are being held captive. Hit their cages with the ball 3 xs in order to rescue them. Try to save every one you come across.

Be wary of the green snakes – The green snakes are a tricky monster. When you hit them with the ball, they coat the ball in purple venom. If the ball hits your ship while it’s still purple, the venom will be transferred to your ship, causing you to move slower for a period of time which makes it harder to keep up with the ball. Be careful!

Stun and capture spiders quickly – Spiders have a habit of replacing bricks you’ve destroyed that are near them. So, if you are on a level that has spiders in it, make it a first priority to stun and capture them.

These are just a few hints to help you out. If you have any other suggestions, post them below!

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