Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action!

[Post New]by DashGamesAddict on Dec 16, 12 10:28 PM
This game is so much better than its predecessor-Cake Mania to the Max. It doesn't take as long to upgrade and the graphics are of better quality too.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action!

[Post New]by Yaelle on May 3, 14 2:10 PM
I like it enough to buy -

EDIT A FEW WEEKS LATER: what on earht was I thinking?!
Maybe i just assumed that this would be a full game & somewhat like the others in the series. I do like that they tried to add on other shops but the addtions were epic fails. They are half-baked ideas, none of which ever fully develop. Its kind of just very, very basic I guess. Noooo I gotta wonder if this is what put them out of business??

I was wondering what happens now that i've just discovered that the guys who made the Cake Mania series are no more. I cnat remember which developer, but one had sold the rights to another place (Digital Chocolate,) and went out of business & then the place that had owned the games second also went kerplunk?

So I was just curious, what happens to the people who own copies of the games when this sort of thing occurs? I guess we just have to pray that nothing breaks?

I suppose if we buy it here on a site like BFG, maybe we're safe but I am still curious. I'm shocked that nobody else picked up the series, it seemed to be so popular! I wonder if they tried.

So now that i have realized that this game does not even begin to measure up to the rest of the Cake Manias, it does make me curious to whether maybe they went bye bye because of the losses incurred from this game. But maybe not - maybe its totally unrelated. If the devs HAD stuck around, I'm sure they wouldve ended up releasing a palate cleanser to make up for this mess of a game.

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