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Re:Post any Enlightenus II: The Timeless Tower Collector's Edition technical issues here only

[Post New]by muonquark on May 7, 11 8:26 PM
susanner44 wrote:The first time I finished the game, I was able to open up the bonus play, but when I tried since then it tells me I have to finish the game first. Even when I finished the game a second time,,,,no bonus. What gives??

Does anyone know about this? I'm having a similar issue. I completed the game, and then played/finished the bonus level but I can't get back into the bonus level again. It's not available anymore. Do I need to replay the game again under a different name in order to play the bonus level again?


item sappire gem 6th floor, can be used on another place as well.....

[Post New]by ms2011 on Oct 1, 11 7:37 AM
have a "small problem" and that is an understatement..

i used the sapphire gem to open the door (which led to the place where you have to put in the memory chip) before putting the gem in the opening (the three painting or something like that) in the room where the prototype of the ageless clock stand...
now i can't finish the game.. and i can't find a save game to undo this...

who has an sollution... or knows where the savegame is and how to manipulate this so i can do redo this part of the game... I found a .btg file where it probl. is stored.. but i can't make any sense of it..

thanks in advance

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