Re:Using/ Accessing the Built-in Smart Guide (Strategy Guide)

[Post New]by blue_max on Sep 6, 11 4:58 PM
I have to say that I definitely am not happy with the built-in "smart guide". I have other games with an integrated strategy guide that offers the solutions to puzzles and not just a snapshot explaining nothing - like this game. I had to skip too many of the puzzles. Finally found a walkthrough but that means exiting the game to access it. Shouldn't have to do that if you've paid extra for the collector's edition - after all, that's the point of paying extra so that you don't have to exit the game to access it. I will not be purchasing anymore collector's editions that have this type of a "strategy" (NOT!) guide.

On another note, I also did not like the fact that there was no button at the end to allow you to skip the credits, which rolled for quite a while before i was able to close the game.

I did like the gameplay and the graphics were great but found more than a few of the puzzles real challenges and could have used some real "smart" help.

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Re:Using/ Accessing the Built-in Smart Guide (Strategy Guide)

[Post New]by kellabeck on Nov 6, 11 12:31 PM
marteaf wrote:
swedane wrote:It's not a bug. The pirate painting is a puzzle. Cut away the green bushes and then you should be able to figure out the rest!

Have fun!

Hi again!
I'm way past the pirate-painting, cut away the bushes, got the love-letter, gave it to the statue, and so on
Somehow it's still stuck on that puzzle :\

I have the very same problem. I am way past the pirate scene (solved it, moved on) and no matter how far I go, my advice button tells me to look behind the bushes and the hint button shows me the pirate and the bushes are back to where they used to be but are no longer.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it didn't solve the problem.


Re:Using/ Accessing the Built-in Smart Guide (Strategy Guide)

[Post New]by LovesDrawn1104 on Feb 14, 12 1:03 AM
Help! I cannot find a note for the music score!

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