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[Post New]by mcurty on Apr 23, 12 8:42 AM
marthaj41658 wrote:Can anyone tell me how to get passed the .... just doesnt make since to me , I tried to do the keys they show on the walk through but it doesnt work , I must be doing something wrong...PLEASE HELP ..... ty

You must have all 5 keys for the piano and all the notes.

Then play the tune shown on the plate of the piano -- The Song of the Dead. You need to be able to read music to do this without extra help. The walkthrough here doesn't help much with that.

This should be the notes played -- use the walkthrough to see how they assigned notes. Re,Mi,Fa, Re, Sol, La, Re,Mi, Fa, Re, Do, Mi (the last one could be Fa - I couldn't see it very well).

That should correspond with piano notes D,E,F,D,G,A,D,E,F,D,C,E.

The walkthrough at the gamez review site does a better job of helping with this.

Hope this is what you need to get you playing again,

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