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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Rescue Team

[Post New]by Richarm on Sep 23, 11 7:34 PM
Lord_Lollipop wrote:Nothing new or different. Hohum
totally agree! Starts out easy like ROAD TO ROME which is why I didn't get it as it seems so much like a duplicate of the few levels I played.

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I like this game!!

[Post New]by Yaelle on Oct 1, 11 3:42 PM
I decided at about halfway thru the demo that I was probably going to buy the full version after the trial & I did. So far I am really glad that I did because it looks like I'll get my money's worth. I've been ranting for over a year that I cannot find a game on here that lasts longer than 90 minutes AND doesn't involve looking for pictures of STUFF.
So I'm really happy with this game &I don't see that changing. I have had pretty poor luck with getting gold on most of the levels I've tried but maybe I just need to figure out a better strategy or something. Its probably totally obvious. I dunno, I'm gonna ask around on here.
Nothing else to say, really. Its just a good, solid game.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Rescue Team

[Post New]by cbellcrm on Nov 10, 11 3:40 AM
It is hard for a builder game to please both those who want a real challenge and those like me who are mouse-challenged and need lots of time, but this game does a good job. You can go for gold on every level in which case it is a very challenging game, you can get silver on each level and still make enough to repair your house (their version of trophies), or you can just finish the level in which case nothing pops up to tell you want a failure you are. I really enjoyed it.

However, except for two or three of the levels the ONLY thing to do is repair cafe, sawmill, or house, clear debris, pick up gems, move helicopter, or move boat. The couple of levels where you got to build something different were great, but the other levels got monotonous after a while.

I never figured out why the rescue workers were mostly picking up gems. The rest of the actions were an interesting twist on the builder genre, but the gems implied they ran out of ideas really quickly.

If you love builder games, you'll like this one. But it isn't the best ever. If you've never tried a builder game, I'd start with Royal Envoy, not this one.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Rescue Team

[Post New]by Laflamme on Dec 16, 11 10:14 AM
Final review after finishing the game:

The Story: A hurricane has hit an island. go, clean up! Marsh! Marsh!

The Good:

+ 60 levels
+ interesting idea
+ challenging (missed gold on 10 levels by just a few seconds, thus motivating you to improve just a little)
+ apparently you can move on to the next level even if time runs out - never came even close to that
+ rebuild a (your?) house

The Neutral:

o only three levels with "special goals" (= rebuilding other structures than an inn, a sawmill or a house)
o how did all those people get stuck on a cliff???
o and how do those gems fit into the general rescue theme? Couldn't they have found something else?

The Bad:

- the house was finished by level 41...
- ...thus my motivation took a nosedive...
- ...and I didn't bother finishing with all gold (in the end I had 50 of 60 Gold levels)

Bottom Line: If you like games like My Kingdom for the Princess or Royal Envoy try this one.


Rescue Team: Level 33

[Post New]by nafer63 on Mar 3, 12 11:37 AM
I have played this level over and over and over again and STILL am unable to produce enough food to build both bridges and retrieve the last gem before time runs out for the gold cup.
Any hints?

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Rescue Team

[Post New]by Geluvweez on Aug 25, 12 6:50 AM
With this game u need to plan your movements, some of the items do not require to be picked up. Just need to complete your goals in the fastest and quickest possible way and you will have plenty of time to spare and getting the gold medal. Unfortunately buildings cannot be upgraded.

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