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Teeha41 wrote:Stuck on the last 2 puzzles. hmmmmmm


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[Post New]by RustyBarbwire on Apr 14, 12 7:23 AM
cstdenis wrote:On puzzle level 3 here is the secret
SPOILER ALERT (sorry had to make it visible, so I could show what I am talking about):

Both of the top green areas, you need to go from bottom (Across the bottom three then up two with one chain) to top when selecting them, so that the coin ends up right in the middle (at the top).
Here is a rough illustration of what I'm talking about: start at 1 and end at 5 with your chain:

This way you will get a coin at the end of your chain that will land on top of the monolith on the very bottom. Now take that coin with the middle colors on each side. You should be able to do the rest.

11/9/2011 edited this post to make it more clear how to take the green tiles on top.

Thanks this is the one I was stuck on so long. Now I was able to build my palace. LOL

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Re:Bonus palace building puzzle levels

[Post New]by grannnydee on May 25, 12 5:08 PM
Thank you for all the help with some of those puzzles

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Re:Bonus palace building puzzle levels

[Post New]by scorpio42 on Nov 18, 12 8:23 AM

Theoretically that should work IF the Left and Right "BIG" bombs were positioned under the "breakable" column rather than the silver ones which aren't!

Further, no matter which way I workout the middle top...It seems the rope does not get broken under the Gold (yellow) - Red - Gold (yellow) to the left, so unfortunately there isn't any way to "ACTIVATE" Athena because of the impasse on the left side!!!

BTW...I use a trackball rather than those wonderful "sticks" you guys favor so much.
Thanks for the "SPOILER ALERT" on Puzzle 15 ... Will see what happens???


by cstdenis on October 31, 10:50 AM

SPOILER ALERT: Puzzle 15 solution

A- Middle top
1) blues
2) greens (from bottom to top, so coin lands next to reds)
3) reds
4) yellows
5) aquas

B -Middle Center
1) take big bomb with 2 greens.
2)Take three aquas on bottom.
3) Key drops and locks open

C- Bottom left
6) yellows
7) oranges

D- Bottom right
1) blues
2) oranges

E- Activate Athena

F- Middle Left
8) Big bomb and reds
9) Laurel drops

G- Middle right
3) Big bomb and reds
4) Laurel drops

edited to add a missing step and make solution visible.

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Re:Bonus palace building puzzle levels

[Post New]by Cromaxgal on Nov 25, 12 6:42 PM
cstdenis wrote:Puzzle Level 7 Solution

SPOILER ALERT (edited to make solution visible):

A– Center
1) ONLY 3 aquas (2 in the center directly under the top red tile and one to the left (next to bottom yellow)
2) Reds from left to right (a coin will land between to two remaining aquas)
3) Aquas with coin
4) Yellows from left to right (monolith with arrow breaks and arrow drops down)
5) Greens with arrow on left
6) Greens with arrow on right.
7) Greens with arrow in center.

Nevermind, I figured it out

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