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mrpjaye wrote:Stuck in temple, won't allow me to use bludgeon or put neck piece on alien,, check with strategy guide couldn't find any thing I missed......since no one else seems to have this problem...I need suggestions? thanks

Temple? Bludgeon? Neck Piece? Methinks you are posting to the wrong game as this game doesn't have any of those features.


Re:Reviews for Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres

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I thoroughly enjoyed this game! The graininess, the music, the cluttered HOGs that some object to only contributed to the flavor of the ruined mansion and the atmosphere of the story. The music was perfect for the storyline and reminded me a bit of the latest Sherlock Holmes movies. I liked the voice overs and loved the time travel bits of it.

So far as boring and dull; I didn't find it that way at all. I loved the twist on the Merlin/Vivian theme with the brave orphan thrown in (there really are only 3 original story lines in the whole world anyway.)

Took a tiny bit of getting used to but so long as one reads the journal regularly, it's pretty easy to pick up on. It's exciting and well paced and the graphics are gorgeous. The overall length was very good and my only disappointment was the abrupt "TO BE CONTINUED." I would have loved a real ending with enough of a cliff-hanger to anticipate the next one, not just abruptly stopping at the end of the cut scene. There really are better ways to seque to a sequal.

I'd rather see it issued as a CE than a whole separate game that I have to wait who knows how long for it to be issued.

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Re:Reviews for Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres

[Post New]by _Angel_angel on Feb 16, 13 12:43 AM

I am very happy with this game!

Did I hear the name "Merlin"? ::perk::

I am coming at this one late. Only discovered it after discovering the new one that is out now. I am very happy with it also.

Now it appears that there are even earlier games.

This is a buy for sure, as is the new one.




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Is Viviana's Real Name Vivien?
Story: Like Vivien Ambrose before (er, um, after?) her, Esther discovers her family and her inheritance on her coming of age. She accidently breaks one of the seals on a crystal sarcophagus, and unleashed the evil witch Viviana. She must go back to the past and prevent Viviana’s total escape. Hang on a minute, did I just say Viviana and Vivien? That can’t be a coincidence surely? What have we been up to since Time Mysteries: Inheritance?

Developer: Artifex Mundi
Release Date: Dec 2011
Extras: Portable Time Device (TPD), Toggle to Match 3 game.

The HOs were gorgeous - bright if glary light, clear and beautiful objects. You have lists of objects, some interactive, and you can get a silhouette too. Or you can toggle a Match 3 game .

The PTD was great fun. It was so much better than the best maps. It gave you options to jump to different places as well as different times. Places/times with active tasks were highlighted. As a hint feature, this became too helpful, because it was impossible to go from one time to another without it. It was addictive. I stopped figuring things out for myself – at least for while.

The game play was very disjointed with all the travelling, and it was easy to lose sight of your objectives. Likewise, unless you diligently read your journal, the story made no sense.

All up though, I’d recommend it, in conjunction with the other two especially.

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