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[Post New]by eljeffe1 on Feb 15, 14 10:46 PM
eljeffe1 wrote:
cadorno12 wrote:Sorry it took so long to put the rest of the pairs (I moved to a different State). So here are the rest of the pairs.

Grammophone: Antique's
Base: Antiques

Jukebox Thadeus
Records Lizze's

juggling pin 1 Patrick
Juggling pin 2 Patrick's

Pistol Warehouse
Holster Farm

Mortar: Brodrick's
Pestal Thadeus

Bicycle- bus
Big wheel- bus

Bike- lizzes
basket- lizze's

coin 1- antiques
coin 2- thaddeus

stamp1- antiques
stamp 2- antiques

Furniture- lizze's
dollhouse- esther's

robot- patricks
box- antique's

remote control- patrick
rc plane- patricks

capgun- antiques
holster- patrick's

comic- antiques
sleeve- patrick's

tv- gas station
antenna- gas station

tv- antiques
stand- antiques

camera- antique
bulbs- esther's

phone receiver- thaddeus
base- esther

camera- antiques
tripod- warehouse

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Re:Pairs (spoilers)

[Post New]by HHSan on Mar 5, 14 7:28 AM
ancientpeas wrote:Sports Collectables (cont.)
Baseball: Jackson's Antiques, 1st scene, hidden scene at popcorn mach.,
Baseball Stand: Patrick Merman's, 1st scene, hidden scene, under TV/Aqua.

Snorkle tube, Miller's Storage, 1st scene, hidden scene, right side
Snorkle mask, Miller's Storage, 1st. scene, hidden scene on the left side

Canoe: Baxter's farm, 1st scene, on top of roof of barn
Paddle: Esther's, 1st scene, on roof of house

Kayak: Miller's storage, 1st scene, on top of golf cart
Paddle: ? (I'm still looking for the Kayak Paddle, found the Canoe one)

Office Equipment:

Pen Holder: Thaddus's, 1st scene, hidden scene near juke box
Pen: Thaddus's, 1st scene, hidden scene, on cart/tea tray in the middle of scene
(Con.)The kayak paddle is in the back of Miller's storage in mini scene left hand side of the storage locker. The mini scene flashes off and on and the paddle is on the left side.

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