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Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

[Post New]by Orunmila on Dec 25, 11 11:53 PM
I'm of two minds about this game. For me, morphing HOS' are more intriguing than the static ones currently in vogue. And when sounds of a child being tortured become too intense for me, I simply remove my headphones. (By the way, who is that who keeps whispering "a***hole" each time I successfully find a morphed object?)

But the game's "logic" often leaves me hanging. For example: SPOILER ALERT In the asylum, the player correctly assumes that a gas needs to concocted to sedate the inmates. I don't mind the red herrings of the periodic table and the nitrous--but to find out that the sleeping potion's formula is based on "blood, sweat and tears" makes no sense to me. Even metaphorically. END SPOILER ALERT So what if the antagonist is a madman? The gamer isn't. It would have helped to have tempered the "mad" logic with a couple of (rational) hints.

There are several instances in this game where, even after an object has been gained or a riddle solved, the trail goes cold because there are no leads. In real life, such cases are put away and not looked at again for years. Who wants a game like that?

I will play it again, for the fun of the morphing HOS. But I guess I'll have to keep a copy of the walk-through nearby.

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

[Post New]by LostForever on Dec 26, 11 6:26 AM
rs63 wrote:I purchased the CE Edition and was really disappointed with this Mystery Case Files game. Graphics are good, and such, but not up to the quality of all of the previous Mystery Case Files games. Rather difficult to follow and I ended up using the Strategy Guide often. It is a shame that we had to wait so long for a games in this series which fell short of the quality of the rest of the series.

I have to agree rs63, this was a disappointing game for me too. I got bored with it half way through and deleted game. Not up to par with the other Mystery Case Files.

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

[Post New]by puckizzy on Dec 27, 11 2:02 AM
I'm a huge MCF fan & I am not digging this game too much. Morphing is ok now and then, but I don't like it for every hidden object scene. And I don't mind the creepiness of this game, (I'm stuck with the pregnant, screaming lady)---but this isn't so much creepy as just kind of sick. But, I'm not even complaining about that - they warned us, so I knew it would be over the top-weird.

It's just that it's so dang hard! I like my H*0G scenes to be tuff, but I have to refer to the forums and the WT with almost every step of the game! Even if I had the CE where I wouldn't have to leave the game to get my clues/answers, I'd still get ticked off that I'd need to get this much help every step of the way. It takes the fun out of it.

And that the diary dosen't keep track of any numbers or clues you get along the way, is a pain too. You have to have a pen & paper handy for everything! My notes may as well be in sanscrit! I can't even decipher what I've jotted down!!! I don't know how people are expected to figure most of this out!!

There's challenging and then there's near impossible. I think the dev's missed the mark with this one. They've taken a SUPER cool series and taken it in a really weird direction. The only thing similar to the previous games, is the graphics/artwork.. I'm really bummed about it.

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

[Post New]by pinkjacket on Dec 28, 11 8:54 AM
Oh My !! I have bought 19 games with no problems,and my Game Manager is clear. I installed this game, it took 5 minutes to get to the car - very sticky. Quit game - 55 minutes left. Rebooted my computer, same thing happened again. 51 mins left. I am going to uninstall this game. So sad b/c I loved the other two......why spoil a great game.
Happy New Year everyone, and happy gaming in 2012


Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

[Post New]by poobearz on Dec 28, 11 10:29 AM
I love this series so I was anxiously awaiting the release of this game and bought it the day it came out. Sadly I was very disappointed in what I got. I like dark mysteries but this went too far for me. It was just random morbidity with a lot of it involving children and most of the time made no logical sense (to me).
Instead of a suspensful storyline you can workout in time it was seemed to be more a series of seperate events and didn't flow smoothly at all. Too much consulting the walk thru for it to be fun and engaging.

I kept my speakers turned off and after reading other reviews I'm very glad I did. I think they pushed the dark twisted line too far this time and for me it will effect how I view their games in the future.

After this one I will definitely be downloading the trial version of the next before I bother spending a credit on it.

I know many liked it and I think that's great but it's a total Fail for me.

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

[Post New]by Gwion on Dec 28, 11 1:40 PM
Overall I really enjoyed playing this game. The puzzles weren't the same old thing, which I really appreciated (if you play a lot of these things you start recognizing the concept of every puzzle and the game goes by in three minutes!)

It reminded me of the old Myst games where you had to mess around and click on things and slowly figure it all out. Hey developers--more games like this one, please! I desperately miss those Myst games and while HOGs are fun, this was more fun.

There are a lot of reviews here, but I'd like to weigh in on a few topics.

Playability: the graphics and animations are going to demand significantly more from your computer hardware than other Big Fish titles. Before you buy, check the system requirements for the game. If your computer's 5-6 years old with no hardware upgrades, you may end up with the white squares, freezing, crashing, etc.

If your hardware meets the requirements but the game doesn't run, it's probably your video card--contact the Big Fish experts if you need help updating your video card drivers. As I said, this game is demanding. I built the computer I'm using and I often play games with very intense graphics, but I still had to tweak a couple of things before this game would run. Your reward--awesome visuals!

Subject matter: I'm an old horror fan from way back, but parts of this game were pretty grim, even for me. Not necessarily scary or gory, just plain grim. If you're a more sensitive kind of person and you don't like grim psychological stuff, I'll just tell you up front that you're not going to like this. I didn't find anything truly offensive, but I'm pretty easygoing that way. I did OK overall but some sections were pretty intense. Please take the BFG warning very seriously!

Morphing objects: I preferred these to HOGs. Instead of searching, you can just sit back and kind of stare at the screen without worrying whether "compass" on the list means a drawing compass or a directional compass. I noticed significantly less eyestrain and I didn't think there were too many of the scenes at all. I imagine this is a matter of taste (I do like HOGs, particularly in Elephant games). I just want to put my vote in here--don't be scared of these because they're different. Try them out and see if you like them or not.

Overall, this was a challenging and fun game. Thanks, BFG developers, for trying something new!

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

[Post New]by SabreQueen on Dec 28, 11 10:37 PM
Hmm Yes to the morphing objets- i have good peripheral vision and movement just catches my eye. It made a break fro the usual junk piles.
Yes to the graphics quite liked the "darkness" of the vision but loved the detail and colour pallette and the sick (sic) humour.
The hospital/asylum scenes- I'm a nurse THIRTY years now(!) I really am beyond grossing out, but I guess "civilians" could find it harsh ( oh and it's "pus" - it is it's own plurality!) Seriously, I cna't put a lot of the stuff I do routinely- the mods would be on me for "offending" I guess a lot of people just didn't understand the whole "Warning - this means YOU!!"thing. I certainly don't fault the BF for people underestimating their tolerance.
Probably just my own perversity but I especially loved Charles' "VoiceOfDoom!" bits and the facepulling in the TV made me laugh out loud! ( no fault of the actor who performed admirably in the true Theatre Macabre tradition)
During the whole asylum act, I put on my own background music- The Ballad of Sweeny Todd" (the Demon Barber of Fleet Street) Hey once you deal w a musical about canabalisim (Try a Little Priest) Chaz's recreation of his life and times just doesn't seem soooo tuff.
Puzzles- 80% were solveable w/out a SG ( and I do NOT consider myself gifted in this area) BUT w/out The BRILLIANCE of MargieB's WT ( esp w things like the dice puzzle on the BR door in Dalimar House) I could see lots of blind alleys and fustration. I just kept blindly clicking & trying stuff out.
Playability- AH yes comes the real spanner (sic) in the works. My puter is old and I have tried to update drivers w only limited success so thats where the trouble was for me. Took forever (it seemed )to load ,esp new scenes but after that MOST of the time moving between locales was easier and faster. Kinda thought of it as overworked stage hands desperatley trying to set the next scene. BUT all that waiting added DAYS to my gameplay and not in the good way. I haven't tried a new profile but hold out small hope for any improvement. I used a bonus coupon to get the game so no real cost to me . I'm glad i got the game if only to see whut all the shouting was about. I'm budgeting for a new puter in 2012 so when I transfer my files MAYbe I'll get a better run.
All in all I'd give it a 3- 3.5 out of 5. But I DO wish this had really been the last Ravenhearst- I mean StarWars worked great- till they did chapters 1-3. Now- who cares? Same w me and Chuck's dad. Meh.


Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

[Post New]by angelofmusic62 on Dec 29, 11 9:52 PM
The warning "intense psychological thriller" doesn't quite cover it. While I normally hate it when people post spoilers, I must say I am glad that some of the specifics were mentioned. Someone else mentioned being a nurse and difficult to gross out. I am also a nurse, but there is a limit to what I want to see or do in a game. The bit about the maternity ward makes me wonder what the devs were thinking when they created this. I'll stick to scary ghosts, thanks! Seems like the devs just sat around trying to see how disgusting they could make this game. I own all of the MCF games, but I won't be owning this one. Maybe if there is another Ravenhurst, they can make it scary without being disgustingly gross. The warning should be worded differently. This is completely tasteless.

The morphing objects were a bit much for me. I don't mind SOME, but mix them in with hidden objects. They made me get a headache.

Glad we can try before we buy. And thanks to all who wrote about the gross out factor.


Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

[Post New]by gaga58 on Dec 30, 11 6:21 AM
As many of the others have already stated, I'm not much for all the morphing scenes..I prefer the "hidden object" of the usual run of MCF's! I played 20 mins. of the trial and purchased the SE as I have all the MCF games and wanted to add this one to my collection. However, I can't say that I'm impressed...it's a little over the top with all the gruesomeness (I mean seriously, you have to deliver a baby and pop pimples?)...kind of makes me wonder what kind of mind thought up the storyline!

I'm at the mental hospital right now and have to say I've went back and forth with the walkthrough, something I've never had to do before on any of the Case File games...the clues just aren't very easy to figure out and some of them I just did not get where they come up with them even after reading the walkthrough. I also don't like the fact I can't get the cd as a backup...if the file size has to do with exploding babie and dripping snot, leave it out next time...sorry guys, but I think you ruint a perfectly good game and can only hope the next edition will be back to it's "normal" self!

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

[Post New]by euphoria on Dec 30, 11 7:04 AM
I've only made it part way through the hospital in several hours of play due to technical problems. It hardly worked at all on my 5 year old desktop and runs passably well on my one year old laptop, but I can only play about 20 minutes before I get "red screen of death" and have to quit and restart.

When morphing objects were something you had to watch for, could appear anywhere and gave you bonus play or trophies or some such, they were wonderful. As entire HOG scenes? Not so much. I do appreciate not having to keep checking a list of specific items, but many of those morphing objects are either very small or change very little and I used more hints than I like to.

As for the puzzles, I've found them exactly challenging enough. Not easy, but not so hard that I'd give up in frustration. Haven't had to skip one yet. However, the "what do I do next" factor is much more challenging than in the games we've become used to. Granted, the sequence of events made sense once you consulted the walkthrough, but I did a lot of wandering and wondering and likely would still be back at the lighthouse had I not gotten help with finding that fuse!

From what others have said, there are apparently some gross experiences ahead. I have to say that nothing so far has bothered me, but then again, my husband watches the Chiller channel every night, so I'm sure I've seen worse.

All in all, I'm finding it entertaining and challenging and look forward to finishing!


Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

[Post New]by goodyear1998 on Dec 30, 11 4:20 PM
i have just finished the game and i have to say i would never have been able to do so without the walkthrough. this is the first game that i've had to constantly go back and forward to it. i just couldnt figure out what on earth i was supposed to be doing. a lot of it just didnt make sense.

i also found that i had to keep using the hint button to find some of the supposed morphing objects which just didnt morph

i'm no shrinking violet but i found some of the scenes in this game just a bit too much to take. i felt uncomfortable for some reason.

this was just too weird.

have to admit the graphics were great .

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Too scared to try it...

[Post New]by gilly85 on Jan 1, 12 1:00 AM
.... and hence so disappointed. To learn at last that there was to be a final chapter in the Ravenhearst series but then for the game to carry a Psycho warning put me right off.
After reading most of the reviews, l wonder in how it actually comes to be In the top games. It may have been downloaded lots of times but surely at the same time it has been deleted as well.
Sorry Felix but I'm glad I didn't try it.

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

[Post New]by Westel on Jan 1, 12 8:25 PM
I just finished playing the game a second time. Have to say that I found the SG just as mystifying as I did the first time. The Walkthrough was much better. I kinda liked the morphing objects - they presented quite a challenge to me, as I don't have much trouble finding hidden objects. But the game didn't give much clues as to what a lot of the objects I collected were for. For instance, the walkthrough said to select certain letters in a certain order in a game involving a revolving playing card. No reason given in the walkthrough - just do it like this, etc. The SG, on the other hand, gave no clues at all.

Definitely do NOT like a picture-only SG - a little more instruction, please.

The sounds of slaps and smacks, and children crying and screaming in the mother's house were quite disturbing, but even worse were the sounds of suffering in the hospital - overall, quite depressing, even though I REALLY enjoyed blowing up the mother! Oops, I think I just let Charles get into my head!


Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

[Post New]by judyoutlaw on Jan 2, 12 1:23 PM
I enjoyed this game a lot! It was gross and a little disturbing at times, but mostly it was great fun. My Apple laptop runs Windows when I tell it to, so I was able to get the game quickly without waiting for the Mac version. So glad I didn't have to wait.

Great characters and actors, too.

Loved it.

Now that we've escaped, dare we hope to return yet again?


Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

[Post New]by hydrogibbon on Jan 2, 12 4:20 PM
I didn't like this when I tried the CE but bought the SE just to have all the games in the series. I really hate the morphing hidden object scenes. I also hate that there are NO directions for the mini games. I know a lot of work went into this to make it different but it turned out to be way too different to be enjoyable. I have ended up playing it with the walkthrough up on another computer. It's just no fun to have to resort to that to be able to get through a game. I'm not quite finished yet but so far the story doesn't make sense to me. Considering this is the best selling game of 2011, I think it sold only on it's previous reputation for great games.


Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

[Post New]by WithaK on Jan 4, 12 7:33 PM
Just finished the game. Took 5 days, and about 10 hours -- good amount of time. Didn't have technical difficulties. Enjoyed the morphing. Regular HOG are a bit easy, liked being challenged. Loved the difficult puzzles, even with no guidance. Only had to reference the WT for the very last puzzle -- mostly because I didn't want to have to spend any more time looking at those poor women. I liked the difficulty level -- I wrote down every name & number I came across, just in case I needed it for something later. I like difficult games, ones that I have to really think about, and this did a great job of that. Unfortunately, it was also very disturbing. As many others have stated, I think the developers crossed a line. I have told 2 friends NOT to play this game. Is that what you want? Don't think so. So, maybe after awhile, you'll let us know why it had to be so sick. I turned off the sound -- and I never do that. I dimmed the screen -- that didn't help much. I got sick to my stomach with the whole "mama" thing. Actually glad it's over. Will not play again. Please try again -- difficult puzzles are good -- morphing is ok, but not constantly -- skip all "abuse" sounds -- have customers give feedback on what "warning" should actually say.


Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

[Post New]by Eppitiffany2121 on Jan 6, 12 6:22 PM
jengun wrote:I have mixed feelings about this game. I didn't mind the morphing objects and adjusted to them pretty quickly. I also enjoyed the puzzles; some of them were pretty challenging. I'm having a hard time making myself finish it though because for some reason, I find that I need to continually consult the walkththrough which gets old. And also, there is a grossness to this game that is making game play unpleasant. I've finished chapter 3 but think I'm going to walk away for awhile.

Exactly what you said.
I finished the game, it is hard but I enjoyed it, well made.
I took a break before the last chapter


Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

[Post New]by ThomasY on Jan 6, 12 10:46 PM
Such a disappointing follow-up to the MCF franchise. Not really a hidden object game at all. Just spot what changes shape and click. Very lackluster and I see no point in repeating this game once you've finished it...if you bother to.

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Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

[Post New]by keystone1 on Jan 6, 12 10:54 PM
Valdy wrote:
sassylassie wrote:I disagree. Besides the game crashing a few (even though my comp is only 5 months old) this game in my opinion was terrible. Like others said, those morphing H0G scenes were horrendous. Gave me a headache.

I quite liked the morphing HOS. They made a difference to the usual ones. But I am not sure I would want all of my HOGs now to have just morphing HOS. I don't think I would like that.

Sorry to hear about the game crashing. I had no problems at all with the game.

vicalana wrote:Mind you, not sure about replay value - don't think I can face going through it again

layzeedaisy wrote:Not a replay for me and already deleted the game from my computer.

I have to admit that, although I found the game quite interesting, I wouldn't want to play it again, and also deleted it off my computer after finishing it.
This is a uniquely done game and, as I said, I thought it was a really interesting game. But it was also quite vile in many places, and shocking too (only have to think of what I had to do to that woman in the bed, and I feel ill). LOL

So yes, I am glad I was able to play the game, but wouldn't want to repeat the experience.
Maybe i'm the only one but I liked the old Ravenhearst games. Loved return to Ravenhearst but, seems they have changed the format since Dire Grove. I loved replaying the old MCS files games many times, maybe i'm getting old, lol just don't like the new direction the the new ones are going. Was wondering if i'm the only one.

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my game has sparkles and choice between expert and casual

[Post New]by keystone1 on Jan 7, 12 4:08 AM
lorialcorn2006 wrote:at the start of the demo I was able to select if I wanted to play expert which is the default or causal with casual I do have sparkles indicating the **** scenes . just change player , type in your name and it should give you a choice for easy or hard at least thats been my experience
I sure hope they go back to the old way, I loved the sparkles, I even played the old games over and over. Very disapointed this time. I say if isn't broken don't fix. In other word since Dire Grove they changed the forum for the game,and not to the good. But maybe as others i'm just picky, glad to see i'm not the only one who feels that way.

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