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Re:Comments for Night In The Opera

[Post New]by kerry7544 on Jun 3, 13 12:30 PM
This is the dummest game I have ever tried to play. I love opera. I hate M3 games. Had I known that nearly the entire game was M3, I would never have even tried it. However, now that I have it, I certainly would like to finish it so I never have to think about it again. However, I have found five of the albums, played M3 a whole lot more than I want to and can't find my way out of the stupid game. Never again.

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Re:Comments for Night In The Opera

[Post New]by JerryInWales on Jul 10, 13 8:52 AM
sewbizzy wrote:
But, what do the scissors do? I can't seem to use them in the M3 part of the game, so maybe they are for the other part?

Have just played the hour demo: like everyone else I find the whole thing rather odd.

Just got the scissors, but did not have time to use them. At a guess, they can cut the M3 roped-up bits. The spray bottle seems to remove 3*3 tiles, but I don't think it does anything with "special" tiles. Typical "bomb" thing but weaker.

Possible spoiler (but I think they should explain these things in tutorial!)

When you get as far as multicolour masks, you build up a single powerup at lower left (takes several sets of multicolours). Then if you click on the powerup, it clears the board and repopulates with new tiles - sort of "help I'm getting nowhere".

For M3 games, so much depends on whether the programmer tries to help by providing you with potential matches. They _have_ tried here, I think.

One other thing: the coffee beans don't fall off the bottom like the waterdrops or keys, but you can swap them. I got a bean at the bottom, a droplet just above, swapped them and won both. Also the splatty-things are just frozen tiles, match next to them and they slowly thaw and reveal what's inside (can be a key/drop etc).
Oh yes, you have to clear _all_ the special tiles to "win" the round. Getting the required tokens is not enough.

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