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[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Apr 11, 13 10:56 AM
Never mind the WOW! Factor, this one’s got CUTE!


One of the other reviewers remarked that he didn’t understand all the fuss about this game, in his mind it was only a good game, and wondered if there was something that he was missing.

Well, I was one of the people who were blown away by this game at the time it first came out, and played it an unprecedented three times in one week. If you’d asked me to review it then, I’d have drooled. But his comments stayed with me, and now almost a year later, I get it. It’s the cute factor.

See, my friend, the story starts out with the kidnapping of a very cute puppy followed almost immediately by an injured one. My heart ached for those dogs. Thereafter the game is littered throughout with doggy images and folklore. Add to that well-drawn and beautiful graphics, and you have CUTE!

This game is delightful, make no mistake about it, but without the cute factor I doubt we’d have all gone quite so completely overboard about it.

True, you have an involving story, plenty of well done HOs and puzzles, and lots of travel. There’s a map, but I didn’t find it useful except to ‘jump’. (It’s essential in the bonus game). There’s no collectibles or achievements. It’s quite lengthy, but there’s nothing other than the dogs to really distinguish it.

Although one thing that did stand out for me was how quiet this game was. It’s eerie. I even had to turn up the volume to hear the very pleasant and relaxing music.

In short, nice feel good game, well done, with added CUTE.

Bonus Content Review

Nothing but the usual offerings – wallpapers, concept art, music. The bonus game and the integrated strategy guide, which is adequate. (For more details, see my separate review on the Strategy Guide)

The bonus game is a prequel that is not at all needed for the main game, which ends conclusively. It is very interesting though, and has a few tricks up its sleeve I won’t spoil for you.

Just note that it has more of the kind of things we’ve come to expect than the main game. For instance, some really neat though not difficult original puzzles. It’s also a decent length, about twice what I’m used to in bonus games.

Bonus game in conjunction with SG if you’re likely to need it definitely makes it worth the CE price.

I recommend this game!

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Re:Reviews for Fierce Tales: The Dog's Heart Collector's Edition

[Post New]by TedsMum10 on Dec 17, 13 1:40 AM
This game is BRILLIANT. So good to have a change from the usual diet of graveyards ghosts and ugly, dirty old houses etc.

The graphics were first class and the opening scenes were wonderful and made me really want to push on through the game to complete the rescue.

My only gripe was that the graphics were all night ones... can't the illustrators at BF draw daytime scenery? All the games seem to have the same, blue and yellow tinted look. Can't we have something like Botanica for the Kindle?

I agree with the reviewer who said that the big appeal of this game is that it's CUTE in many ways. It's what a lot of us WANT but rarely get, especially on the Kindle!

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