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[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Jun 24, 13 3:36 AM
Wine, Women & Madness


This is the second in the Grim Facade series, and differs significantly from the first, although superficially this is not obvious.

It is an ERS game, so the GRAPHICS have a HAND-DRAWN WATERCOLOUR look, are CLEAR, DETAILED and BEAUTIFUL to look at. I didn’t much enjoy the MUSIC but the AMBIENT SOUND was GREAT.

But it is NOT primarily an HO game. It does have 3 types of HOS, MULTIPLES OF, INTERACTIVE LISTS & PROGRESSIVE SILHOUETTES (get this to do that...). There are more PUZZLES than usual, with some INTERESTING NEW TWISTS thrown in, and a FAIRLY EASY ADVENTURE component, that constitutes are LARGE part of the GAMEPLAY.

There is NO MAP which is a shame, because the locations do get a bit confusing at times, and there is a certain amount of BACKTRACKING involved. HINT is the standard unhelpful “try elsewhere”. You COLLECT beautiful fans for EXTRA HINTS. And COLLECTIBLE COINS are needed to purchase items from the local store, and PROGRESS in the game. There is a NOTEBOOK as well, but it’s not very helpful with GAMEPLAY. And the SG is GOOD, going into quite a lot of detail where necessary to explain a puzzle.

The STORY gets more INTRIGUING as you go along. You are brought in to discover if there is a MURDERER on the Conti Estate, in the Italian wine growing region. The maid gives you what appears to be the DIARY of a KILLER, which says there are 3 women dead already. All signs suggest the murderer is one of the three Conti brothers.

You do indeed turn up bodies, and the story flows well, but flashes of a scene involving the father and his sons make the investigation seem even more INTERESTING and UNEXPECTED. The telling of this tale is UNUSUAL, because those flashes are all the insight we get into the goings on at the estate. It would have been nice to be able to replay these CUTSCENES, because I was a bit confused about the facts throughout the game, right up to and including the final scene. The NOTEBOOK offers little, but is all the further explanation you get.


The BONUS CHAPTER EXPLAINS all that has led up to the ENDING of the main game. It is quite LENGTHY, and uses NEW LOCATIONS. However, there are more HOS than PUZZLES here, and the HOS are all INTERACTIVE LISTS.

As well as the SG, we have the usual GALLERY of WALLPAPERS,ETC.

Would I buy the SE or the CE? I think, weighing everything, this is a BETTER BUY as a SE.


Re:Reviews for Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession Collector's Edition

[Post New]by SoftlyFalling on Aug 9, 13 12:27 PM
Beautiful scenery, graphics, and items.
Compelling storyline

VERY linear gameplay. (Once you finish an area you pretty much never go back to it.) May not be a con to some, but it bugs me.
Hard-to-follow the storyline. When I reached the end I was SO confused. (I played the regular version, not the collector's edition)
Items that could be used multiple times were only available for one use and then gone from inventory.

Overall, I would not recommend buying this game. Though I've read that the CE comes with a bonus game that explains the story, so if you want to shell out the money for the CE then you'll get the full story, but if you only want or can afford the regular version I wouldn't recommend spending your money on it.

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Re:Reviews for Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession Collector's Edition

[Post New]by captzeno on Sep 28, 13 7:30 PM
Let me tell you I'm absolutely disgusted with the way game ended. It was a real copout. You turn a key and the chest opens with this flashback from the past. You see the that the maid kills the Father, she supposedly escapes and that's it. You get a message saying you completed the game. What kind of ending is that? I will not ever play this game again nor would I recommend it simply because of the way it ends. Man, am I steamed. You would have thought at least there would have been a bonus game to finally bring the murderer to justice. Nope, just music, wallpapers, etc.
I won't buy anything else in this series. One thing I can't stand is a piss poor conclusion to a mystery and this is that and then some. It's just a shame I can't demand my money back. As for it being a collector's edition, that 's a joke and a bad one at that. Don't buy this game unless you want to be disappointed.
I didn't see any bonus chapter under the extras. If it was there it was hidden.

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