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Re:Here you can ask question to developers.

[Post New]by Mr_Russ on Nov 20, 12 2:52 PM
Heavenlyrabbit wrote:I ... sent Dr. Felix report to BigFish via Game Chat.
Your first port of call is always BFG CS, so you did the right thing. They will work with the developers and release an updated version of the game when there's a fix.


Re:Here you can ask question to developers.

[Post New]by MirandaGood on Dec 22, 12 2:29 PM
Totally love the game. Question about scoring: I have played through many times as different people but don't see any place that scores are kept for each profile. How can I tell if I am improving my game if I can't compare my latest score with earlier go throughs? I know I am getting a score in a particular game to increase my experience and raise my level, but how can I tell if I am scoring higher than the last time I played that level - or even the entire game?

My latest try was to just replay the first level after a completed the first game and played it three times. Each time I got the window telling me I had not improved my stage level. I know that's impossible as I intentionally played poorly in one round and got all perfects in the next. Still got the "no improvement" message.

Developers: I'll keep playing this beautiful game whether I can ever see overall score tallies or not, but it would certainly be an improvement if I could try to beat my own scores.


Re:Here you can ask question to developers.

[Post New]by laserlaglaz on Feb 1, 13 4:58 PM
Love the game, and usually dont purchase solitare games. but I have one issue, when I stop to go do something and the game is idle for a very short period, the entire game locks up on me. I have to reboot the game. this has been very frustrating. The other issue I encounter, there is no way to leave the game and not have it X out that frame, why cant you go back to play one frame on a level?


Re:Here you can ask question to developers.

[Post New]by happygrams18 on Feb 4, 13 2:08 AM
I am just now making a comment about this game. I have had it for several months and because it is so enjoyable that has kept me from commenting.

I LOVE THIS GAME!! It is a challenge, but that is part of the fun.

The music is beautiful, along with the scenery and all the effects especially at the first.

This game is a must have game. If you like solitaire, you will become addicted to this game.

I only have one problem and that is I have tried to get all the "shards" for the jewels that are shown on the side that comes in and out. I don't know how to get the very bottom I believe. The others fill up but the blue has to be the challenge.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get the blue gem filled in, I would appreciate it.

I hope one day there is a sequeal or another game similar to this one. It is a jewel of a game.

Thank you Valdy for making it happen.

I rate this game

Go for this game is terrific.

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Re:Here you can ask question to developers.

[Post New]by pinkbear022 on May 3, 13 8:29 PM
Please make another solitaire game. Emerald Solitaire was great! I've played it through 3 times.

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Re:Here you can ask question to developers.

[Post New]by Duetgirl on Jul 2, 13 7:25 PM
Andrew- quick update on Chronicles of Emerland. Absolutely LOVE the game-- but the last level is HORRIBLE. I played it quite a few times-- several times with all 10 perfects, and was only able to collect 41 out of 60 shards. Very dis-heartening. I had all red shields w/yellow, and most levels were perfects with a few Xs here and there. I absolutely loved the game-- but the last level gave me fits. And there's no way to go back adn look at your scores from previous levels. I no longer care what happens to the Golem-- I understand he gets locked up! So I will move on to a different game. I would have liked ot have finished this one though-- very enjoyable game. Please just fix the end!!

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Re:Here you can ask question to developers.

[Post New]by cestqui on Apr 20, 14 7:05 PM
There's the boar's tusk amulet that says it allows you to get two cards to the deck at the beginning of each level, and the pearl necklace amulet, for three cards to the deck at the beginning of each level.

My question is this: If I've already bought the pearl amulet, does the boar's tooth amulet add ANOTHER two cards (for a total of 5 extra cards), or is three the maximum, and I shouldn't waste the coins?

Same question for the sapphire dawn (+15% XP) and dragon's tear's (+5% XP) amulets - is +15% max or can they be combined for a total of +20% XP.

Thanks for the help

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