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Re:Reviews for Building the Great Wall of China

[Post New]by Bpup on Dec 30, 12 3:30 PM
Ideally, you want to upgrade all of your resource producers, but sometimes that's not possible or even necessary. You need a lot of wood initially to build things, but after that you don't need it. The only exception is when you also have to build a fort, since that takes a lot of supplies. In that situation, it makes sense to upgrade the sawmill as much as possible.

Sometimes the trees and boulders lying around will give you supplies faster than the mills, but sometimes their distance from the camp makes the time cost too high.

Study the levels first and see where everything is located and what obstacles are in the way. Make sure you clear the obstacles first that are needed to widen the ranging ability of your workers or that will provide a shortcut which will save time.

I found that building a sawmill is usually the first thing I do, and have one of my guys cut down a couple extra trees because that will give me enough wood to construct the next two resource producers once the sawmill production starts.

You've got to really pay attention to your workers and make sure that they are all always doing something and not just waiting back at the camp. I found that's one of the hardest things to keep track of, at times.

If you've got limited food sources, then building the farmhouse and the hunter's cottage is a priority. I liked the pumpkin patches because they regrew quickly and were quicker to gather than those tomato plants. Always check to see which resource you have the least of scattered around, and make sure you build that manufacturer as soon as possible.

Hope all this helps.


Re:Reviews for Building the Great Wall of China

[Post New]by ElizabethR1533 on Jan 2, 13 8:11 AM
Enjoyable game, a bit like MKFTP series. The characters are cute and the concept of building the wall is good.
I like the timer mode, as it's wasn't too difficult, although a lot of the time I didn't get the three stars. Also on a few of the levels I ran out of time and had to retry a couple of times.
There are some things that could be improved on this game, as others have said.
-It would be nice for there to be a relaxed mode
-I don't like the interruptions of the dragon and having to click. I really don't like click-fests!
-It would be nice if you could "stack" tasks instead of waiting for the characters to return home.
-It would be good if you could cancel a task by right-clicking or something, if you change your mind.
-I would like more bonuses on levels to make things different and help with the pace.

Overall, an enjoyable game. I did buy it and have completed it.


Re:Reviews for Building the Great Wall of China

[Post New]by billiejolear on Feb 5, 13 11:11 PM
I have a review to add for this game. I have been a member a VERY LONG time. In fact I recieved my felix so long ago, i have no idea where he ended up in life lol. Now, there are many times when you release a game before you should, it is glitchy and needs new work and I get very frustrated that you put your purse before your customers. I am, however, pleased to say, this is not one of them.

THe usual things that irritate me about your games, were absent with this one. IT was challenging, but NOT so challening that I could not do it. It required me to play levels over and over to get the achievement which meant I got almost an entire month of game play from this game, something that is rare. I am usually irritated because the games are so easy I finish them the first day I play or in like six hours. This game challenged me.

I did not experience even ONE glitch...miracle! Yay.

This game, was in fact, a time management home run.

It was not the game I standardly enjoy, but it was at least, a home run for the things that usually irritate me. You could do well to make sure all your games are glitch free or at least mostly glitch free before selling them. You could also do well to make them longer or a bit more challenging as this game was.

Good on you! I highly recommend this one!

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Re:Reviews for Building the Great Wall of China

[Post New]by liamboy007 on Feb 24, 13 1:39 PM
I love the graphics and a couple new twists on the Great Wall. I love TMs period. While I have struggled on occasion with RofR 111 and Northern Tale. I can come up with the right moves. Even though I have to resort to the forum sometimes. To me there is no challenge without the timed mode and something to strive for. I bought the Great Wall without really looking into it much. Now I'm sorry. I really can't get 3 stars past level 7 or so.. Just can't figure it out. Very much dislike the rapid clicking to shoot the dragon or whatever. Seems very silly. Guess they can't all be winners.

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Re:Reviews for Building the Great Wall of China

[Post New]by gtitus09 on Jun 6, 13 5:43 AM
I agree with the other reviewers about not being able to queue tasks ahead of time, and all the other stuff including my MAIN complaint that there is no RELAXED mode. What's worse is THEY STAY THERE IS! What the heck is wrong with a developer who says in two different places you can play in RELAXED mode but you still get a timer? What? Is it just an oversight that they didn't do something correctly? I mean they corrected other irritating things about the timer, but STILL did not fix it so there is a relaxed mode, therefore I will not be buying this game.

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Re:Reviews for Building the Great Wall of China

[Post New]by auds7466 on Oct 13, 13 7:43 AM
what a fantastic game, so colourful and challenging well done big fish

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Re:Reviews for Building the Great Wall of China

[Post New]by le01 on Feb 21, 14 9:08 AM
Good TM really - now a bit old and really need the ability to stack tasks.

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