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Rebeca_Lily wrote:angel, I am not big comp tech, but read here (the whole thread):

I believe that it solves the problem...

actually, the thread you posted is for a game developed by "blam games" (apples) and you are using it to attempt to explain a problem with ERS games (oranges).

i believe that blam games writes theirs in 16:9, which would mean that the thread is correct for blam games' games... so, it COULD be a computer problem with their games.

ERS, however, writes their aspect ratio as 4:3, so it is definitely a developer problem, they know it and are correcting it. therefore, with ERS games as of now, it is NOT a computer problem. i am pleased to know that they are correcting this problem with their programming so that all fishies may enjoy widescreen in ERS' future games!



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Valdy wrote:
Puzzles being too easy (?)
For those of you who are professional players this or that puzzle could obviously seem too easy. The longer you’ve been among the fishies the better and faster you’ll swim. That is inevitable! However we do have a lot of players who actually enjoy playing what others may find too easy and we are not planning to hurt their feelings.

Thank you. If I wanted to solve difficult puzzles, I would buy games such as "Professor Layton". I see mini games/puzzles as part of advancing in the HOGs, just like the HOS. And nobody complains about HOS being too easy. I don't want the game being interrupted by difficult to crack puzzles that I have to skip all the time. These are HOGs, not Puzzle games, so the puzzles shouldn't be too difficult, but doable for as many gamers as possible.

and, you see, valdy, this is why so many of us got upset when ERS changed azada from a PUZZLE GAME to another HOG. HOGs are a dime a dozen, but puzzle games are hard to find! we puzzle gamers LOST a puzzle game and you HOGers GAINED a HOG. why would we not be upset?

go click on the "puzzle games" genre and what's there? all top 10 are HOGs. in fact, most all of them are HOGs.

i want to play puzzles, puzzles that make me THINK. but, no more azada, thanks to ERS.

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How awesome that ERS Studios took the time to come here and get opinions on their games from us Fishies!!

I absolutely LOVE your games! I don't even have to read about the game.. as soon as I see one from ERS, I immediately buy it! ERS is my favorite game company and I don't see that changing anytime soon!

I love the graphics.. you can always tell an ERS game! I agree that Azada is no longer "Azada", but I still love the newer Azada games! It would, however, be nice to play more of the old Azada- style games again. They were so unique.. nothing else out there like them, and they were super fun! As much as I enjoy ALL the Azada games, the first couple are definitely missed!

The only criticism I have besides that is, like so many other people stated, the fan inventory for the "Puppet Show" games. I like to keep my inventory locked and open, but it takes up way too much space and hides your amazing scenes and graphics!

Other than that, bravo for all your games! I always look forward to them because I know I'm in for a fun day of gaming when I play one of your games. I love the series, but I also like the few new ones you've recently put out, like "Gothic Fiction", and "Twilight Phenomena". Nice change of pace! Thanks for the great work and you'll always have a fan/ customer in me!

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Im happy that at least there was some mention of the above posts. However, I find sequels that have the best luck are ones that continue a story so it becomes a trilogy and each awaited one is anticipated. Its hard to anticipate the 5th one in a series unless there is a continued story line throughout all of them that pulls you in. The Awakening Series by Boom Zap is a perfect example of a game with a lot of sequels that still reels you in because each one is different but still following the story line. A lot of your sequels don't make sense to me. They don't follow the story line at all anymore. I feel that with the direction puppetshow took, you could have created a brand new series for it and it would have been more exciting as it would have been a new game.

Also, I do not feel that there are endings in the SE games. The most recent one I played was Redemption Cemetery- Grave Testimony. I like the fact that there are 3 different chapters because that keeps the game fresh but in my opinion this game as a SE did NOT have an ending. You never got to see if he got off the island or what happened in the boat and it didn't feel wrapped up. I have a lot more examples but am not going to go through my game inventory at this moment.

Lastly, since its the hardest mode, I don't understand how in The Gold Bug, there was sparkles on the hidden object scenes. This feels sloppy to me. Also, if you can rid it of black bar tips and no hints outside the hidden object scenes on these harder levels, why can't you make the puzzles a little harder as well? Then people who want the easier puzzles can play casually and people that want a challenge will have their solution...

I do have a thank you though, Mac gamers used to not get ERS games forever and now they are dual releases. It really really means a lot to mac gamers to have developers that care enough to do this so thank you. I really am hoping that I enjoy your games once again and collectibles, morphs and long bonus games that aren't all H0 scenes really do help make a better CE.

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twinsoniclab wrote:Actually Valdy, I do complain about HOGs being too easy! I will comment when I review a game that the items are too big to miss. Or no penalty, which makes it possible to just go through the scene and click on unusual objects, clearing the list without reading it. I know I don't have to do it that way, but without a penalty I have little self-control!

Yes, you are absolutely right. You do complain about that, and others have complaint about HOS (me included ) when either the font in the HOS lists are hard to read or items hard to find (although those complaints are not limited to ERS games).

Edited to add: Forgot to say that while you complain about no penalties when misclicking, there are a lot of gamers who complain when a game does give penalties for misclicking, of which I am one.

But what I meant was that on the whole, people will not complain about HOS being too easy but often complain about the puzzles being too easy.

Did anyone used to playing games have trouble putting those trains on the right tracks (you don't even need that extra track), or that jigsaw puzzle?
ERS asked us for comments on their games, and many of us have the same ones. Easy. Linear. Stale. Formulistic.

I loved this mini game. To me it's important that I have FUN when I do puzzles or mini games, and I love the mini games ERS bring out. Yes, they are easy, but they are FUN, and that's all that matters to me. I don't want to be baffled and scratch my head with each and every puzzle or mini game I come across. I want to know that I can do them, and then move on in the game.

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I usually play a game on the hard mode and I appreciate that there is the possibility to skip a mini game and to get a hint. I also appreciate that the blackbar is removed. But sometimes you get a tutorial what I don't like. After I got the puppet helper there is a window how to use the helper with a big arrow to the next item. I can skip it but at this time I already saw what I have to do and I want to find it out at my own. A remark that he can get things for me would be enough.
I like a interactive map but please remove the pop up window with the question if I really want to get to this place. This is annoying.
The puzzles became easier in your last games.
I like the fan for the inventory, in my opinion it belongs to the PuppetShow games.
I like the different H O scenes, please make more with the silhouttes where I have to find items to use it to get the next ones.
Please make more games like Dark Alleys or Gothic Fiction.

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Rebeca_Lily wrote:angel, I am not big comp tech, but read here (the whole thread):

I believe that it solves the problem...

Regardless of what the post says (and I believe it refers to a game from a different developer), the ERSGameStudios post says 'So for those of you who were asking about facing some difficulties regarding “Wide Screen” the good news is that starting from next month all of the fishies would be enjoying our games more with full wide screen'.

So clearly they knew that some of us don't get it and worked on resolving that issue. If their games were already programmed for w/s, they wouldn't have had anything to resolve.

Personally speaking, I'm delighted that finally they have admitted it's their programming and I know one or two others who will feel the same. I've been told it's 'your outdated computer' or 'you need another graphics card' on more than one occasion. But I've stuck to my guns and always believed the issue lay in the programming. The acid test will be when ERS bring out the games next month that they say will be full wide screen. Only then will we be able to finally lay this issue to rest.....or not

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Welcome to the pond ERSGameStudios ,

I think it is AWESOME that you all decided, to dip your fins, into the pond, and see what us fishies, think of your games.
When developers do this it shows me, that they really are interested in our opinions, positive or negative / .

I have enjoyed many of your games, the only negative I now have is with the fan inventory, pain in the ...a BIG pain, at least for me, anyway.
I do LOVE that you have made the puzzles easier and more FUN, I hate to skip them, and now I don't have to, big PLUS . very HAPPY, the hint and skip, refill faster, another addition that makes me want to buy more ERS games..YAY .

I really wanted to play PSDU, it looked very good from what I got to play of the demo, but than I got an error, that I've never had before, with any BF game.
I managed to get into the house, did the mini game, finished everything inside, in kitchen and living room, and upon coming out of the house, got and error, which terminated, the game .
It was a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error.

It said: This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Contact application support team.
The game than was terminated and closed, so I couldn't continue the demo, the cursor was also sticky from the beginning, so with these issues, I can't play this game, or buy it, ANY help would be greatly appreciated ERS?
It did say contact application support team, which is ERS, so I will be waiting..THANKS

P.S. I also put this in the TECHNICAL thread .

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Love Puppet Show games...really like the intricate drawings/figures and love the music. As soon as I saw the latest one on BFG I bought it immediately. Thank you for being a 12 in a 10 world!



[Post New]by ERSGameStudios on Apr 2, 13 6:46 AM
Lock the fan with the lock!
You see fishies,there is no Gameplay under the fan so just lock the fan so you wouldn't have to keep
open and close it.
The lock is right there next to the fan and you just need to click on it to have the fan locked.
Happy Gaming!
ERS Game Studios

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[Post New]by lisablue4369 on Apr 2, 13 9:14 AM
if this is the last game of this series, then make a rock n roll game.........

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[Post New]by lvfao on Apr 5, 13 11:25 PM
I am a long time fan of ERS, have bought most of their games. Lately, not as pleased with the sameness of the play. I would like to see quality games, and not all CE's, either. There are a great many folks out here who have no use for 'wallpaper' and all the rest of whatever is stuffed into a package. I think we buy the CE for the extended, BONUS chapter, not the ending to the game. that should be handled in the SE.
Speaking of CE's, there are too many games being put on the market that in no way
earn that title. Devs need to make a stand here. Does your logo make us think of a great, well-designed and beautiful fun game, or does it mean just another run of the mill game?
I hate the fan inventory like most here, music is not that big an issue for me, I usually turn it off. I think your graphics can improve. Not saying they're bad, but
I have seen much better; get rid of the blue foggy look.
Puzzles are great, I appreciate fun puzzles, don't mind them being difficult. It's nice to have a variety in each game.
As far as the hat making in this last puppetshow, I feel the ball was dropped there. It felt incomplete, after making all those hats...for what? I feel there should have been some kind of resolution.
I appreciate the presence in the pond, ERS dev''s a good move. Thanks!

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[Post New]by care___916 on Apr 6, 13 10:34 AM
I love your games!!!!! You are my fav... I would love to have another Puppetshow game.... I have not finished this game so I dont know if you have made your bonus play longer in this game or not. It would be great if the bonus on the CE's were longer.

Keep up the great work...



[Post New]by Old_Man_River on Apr 18, 13 1:08 PM
ERS Games have always been one of my favorites, and there have been times the games were a little disappointing, but you can'y please all of the people all the time.
Keep up the good work. If possible give us a game with a little lighter mood once in a while.

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Hi Fishies,

Now that this Forum has grown to a couple of pages, I thought it would be a good idea to sticky this thread so everyone will be sure to find it.


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[Post New]by Valdy on Apr 21, 13 4:23 PM
I very much enjoy this game. In fact, this is my favourite "PuppetShow" game. I absolutely adore the mini games, and love having my little helper.

There is absolutely nothing I would change. Really enjoying this game (only now have the time to play this game fully).

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[Post New]by Valdy on Apr 23, 13 1:26 AM
Just quickly wanted to say that I have now finished the game, and loved it. The only thing that surprised me was the many wrongly-named items in the HOS. Lately it seems to get worse. There never used to be that many objects not named right in the previous games.

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[Post New]by cat52 on Apr 23, 13 1:55 AM
ERS, I don't know if you had this game's conclusion in mind when I wrote my review of the last Puppetshow, where I objected to the ugly=evil and beautiful=good subtext, but you certainly addressed that issue in this episode and I very much liked what you had to say, so thank you for that!

As for the game qua game, I enjoyed it. It seemed to me the "misnamed" objects in the HOS's were on purpose - that the clues were mini-puzzles in themselves...for example, when I'd concluded there were no curtains in the scene, I looked for the next-closest thing, and clicked on the tassels, which turned out to be right. When there's no penalty for mis-clicking, I find this sort of "puzzle" fun, but apparently many do not.

The only thing I did not like was being steered to the dolls and the hats - I would rather have had to find at least some in the scenery myself.

Keep up the good work and remember, a chacun son gout (with diacritical marks as needed)

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[Post New]by joyce2121 on Apr 27, 13 7:21 AM
I have all of the Puppetshow games, and sad to say, this
is my least favorite for two very annoying reasons:

Didn't mind making the hats, but if I was going to make them,
I wanted my little "Rusty" to wear them, so why oh why,
EVERYTIME I wanted to change hats, did I have to get
a pop-up window asking if I was sure?

Put that on top of a lovely interactive map that had to ask
me EVERYTIME: "Are you sure you want to navigate to
this location?" Duh, even if I wasn't, I could change my
mind after I got there!

By the end of the game, let alone the bonus, I was so
frustrated at the waste of time and unnecessary clicks
that it totally spoiled my enjoyment of the game. I know
I was loving it early on, and do wish that enjoyment
could have continued.

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[Post New]by cbellcrm on May 7, 13 1:37 PM
Re Hint Button
I really appreciated the faster recharging hint and skip buttons. Now ERS just go one step further and make them instantly recharge in the easiest mode. Personally, I DEEPLY resent having to sit on my behind doing nothing but wait - unable to play a game I paid for. I would LOVE to see an explanation of why games have recharging buttons to begin with.

Re Hidden Object Scenes
The previous games in the series had a lot more hidden object scenes. ERS listened to their fans and reduced the number of such scenes in this game. However, this means that the game is shorter. (See Fontana Theory for a discussion of how hidden object scenes cheaply lengthen playing time.) There are people like me who really like hidden object scenes who prefer the previous mixture. Developers seem to think that since some people like lots of HOS and other people do not, that you can’t possibly design a game that is perfect for everyone. I disagree. Simply put a skip button on all hidden object scenes and all customers can play as many or as few as they want. Even people who like pure adventure games without hidden objects suddenly become potential customers.

Re Bad English
The incorrect names in hidden object scenes, such as looking for “Scar” when the object is a hand print, were numerous. Since I am a grammar major who translates games from bad English to good English for a living, I found it particularly annoying.

To be continued.

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