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Re:Reviews for Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery

[Post New]by toomuchsht on May 23, 14 8:17 AM

Thank you CS for helping me get my manor back. The support team do a great job.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery

[Post New]by alb822 on Sep 6, 14 1:23 PM
When the game was first introduced last year, I really didn't think I would like it. I would've preferred a story line set in a location other than NOLA. I decided to give it a try a few weeks ago. I agree that it's a wonderfully imaginative game. Developers constantly add scenes & little seasonal items. Since game advancement does become quite slow as a user's progress increases, the sales are a nice incentive. Users can maintain control over their expenditures as part of their entertainment budget. Here are my observations & recommendations:

1. Android OS -- I have a Kindle HD. I would love to play the game on it since the resolution would do the game graphics justice. It would also free up my Lenovo laptop for other things.

2. Manor Paint -- It's a really great idea with inexhaustible ideas for future scenes. Unfortunately, it's 40G for a one-time shot. Either provide a toggle option for users or remove this feature altogether. AND give refunds to the users that have wasted their money to date.

3. Casino -- The game wouldn't be complete without a riverboat casino cruising downriver during the night scene. This is an ignored resource that developers need to address. I recommend considering this feature a little more because the jackpots are too few & far between for many, non-existent for the rest of us. I suggest allowing users the option of "cashing in" their chips for gold or silver since the "currency" has no real world value violating gaming laws. There is also the option of increasing the number of wild cards or reducing the number bullet holes.

4. Neighbors -- The option to obtain neighbors & visit them was an excellent feature. It allows me the opportunity to see how others have "developed" their properties. It can be more user friendly, too, because it's very time-consuming after acquiring so many neighbors. I recommend adding "go to" or "view all". The SORT option is nice. I don't think it's very accurate. There's room for improvement.

5. River -- It's an unused resource. A manor home built next to the Mississippi R. in NOLA would have a boat dock. Adding the feature would allow developers to use their creativity for all the related design options: fishing boat, shrimping vessel, fishing off the dock, etc. If developers have the opportunity to open the other side of the river for purchasing & expansion, users could build little drawbridges for the walkers to use.

Dark Manor--2305025

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Suggestion for Developers- Offer an Auction (like Awakening Kingdoms does)

[Post New]by aim4stars on Sep 26, 14 12:56 PM
At a certain point in this excellent game the law of diminishing returns kicks in about the time you start to max out land.
Developers are understandably trying to make a decent profit on their creation.
Yet, oddly we experienced players find ourselves unable to buy new items because we have no more land upon which to place them. (Not to mention the issue of urban sprawl.)

Here is an idea that is working very well on Awakening Kingdom:
Since seasoned players have a whole lot of items cluttering up their grounds and inventory locker why not give us a means by which to auction them off? Rooms of Memory and Awakening Kingdom solve this problem via wish lists and auction areas that actually work.
You may ask what's in it for Dark Manor Developers? Answer: Opens up a way to sell to your existing market. (IE. Gives seasoned players a way to revitalized their property and buy new stuff from you!)

By the way kudos for the best Customer Support Team ever.
- River Vine

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Re:Reviews for Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery

[Post New]by _G4il_ on Oct 8, 14 10:26 AM
(I've also added this review to the DM App)

Loved, loved, loved this game when it first started (July, 2013). The scenes were beautifully drawn, objects were definitely hidden, and decorating the manor grounds was fun.

I stayed with the game through a myriad of difficulties: unable to enter the game, crashes, glitches, freezing, missing gold, messaging problems, you name it. I don't even know how many tickets I had to send to Customer Service. But I stayed a loyal fan. Until now.

Recently, they have removed or revised most of the best features of the game. No more zooming out to see the entire grounds, diminished gold from ??? Attractions, Select All has changed drastically, daily rewards considerably lower, no special items when purchasing Premium Scenes, but most disturbing is the new *artwork*. Objects are now bold and garish, and not *hidden* at all. What is the point of a Hidden Object Game if nothing is hidden?

The fun factor has definitely left this game.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery

[Post New]by LaReinaGitana on Oct 8, 14 12:50 PM
Any more, Customer Service is the best part of this game. That's fortunate, because they've needed to be.

When I started playing Dark Manor last fall, I thought it was the best game offered by Big Fish or any other online gaming company. The hidden object scenes were beautifully rendered, and the game had an aura of dark mystery. Many of the objects were well and truly hidden, which made the game challenging and fun. New chapters appeared in a timely manner, as did new in-game items to add incentive to playing.

Now, not so much. Dark Manor seems to have fallen victim to its own success, because it seems that its demands have long since outstripped the talents and imagination of its developers. It's been stuck in limbo for, seemingly, forever.

There have been no new chapters offered in months. There have been no new plots of land to develop, and no new items to buy to decorate them. Recently, we lost a "zoom" ability that let us enjoy visiting neighbors' manors. Little by little, rewards for leveling up and playing daily have eroded, as have in-game opportunities to build up and replenish gold, silver, energy and juju. Freezes and glitches have become normal for many players. Others have been locked out of their games completely. Complaints, once rare, have become rampant. Customer Service can do only so much. They're apologizing for being unable to do more.

Instead of fixing obvious problems or continuing to advance the gameplay, the developers have been retooling the hidden object scenes to make the objects stand out! What's the point of playing a "hidden object game" if the objects are not only not hidden, but appear as bright, garish, tawdry stamps pasted over a dark background?

What's worse, the developers not only are not listening to the opinions of longtime players, but seem to be actively trying to discourage them from playing.

At one time, I'd have given this game a glowing review. Now, I can't. I'm sorry I opened a second manor, because I'm really not motivated to play dumbed-down scenes to keep it up. At this point, a slim hope that at some point the developers will change their minds and reconsider the terrible changes they've made is the only thing that keeps me from deleting the game completely.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery

[Post New]by Kitsunegrl on Oct 10, 14 8:30 AM
I just finished playing some neighborhood blitzes and saw some of the revamped scenes. They are terrible. I play on an iPad mini and much prefer the old scenes.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery

[Post New]by L_Amour on Oct 14, 14 7:06 PM
This is what once brought me to Dark Manor, Summer 2013.
This is what made me fall in love with this game immediately.


"For the first time ever, Dark Manor introduces zoomable Hi-Depth™ Hidden Object scenes, designed to simulate an unprecedented level of immersion."

"Dark Manor is the FIRST Big Fish game ever to:
Introduce zoomable Hi-Depth™ Hidden Object Scenes with parallax scrolling for an unparalleled immersive HO experience."

"Exceptionally high production values combined with best in class Free-to-Play features"

"Fuses Hidden Object challenges with strategic simulated world creation."


This is what brought me to Dark Manor. I still love this game.
But lately, we are getting more and more adjusted scenes, filled with chilidish "stickered" hidden objects.
My opinion:
GONE is High-Dept! No need to zoom anymore!
The objects are now automaticly jumping out of our screens into our eyes.

I'm very dissapointed the Dark Manor team decided to make these adjustments to the beautiful scenes we once had. As far as I know, the adjustments were made because a few players had issues with finding the objects (too dark / too small --> iPhone players only?).

Given the fact most Dark Manor players are playing on iPad and/or PC, I honestly don't understand this sudden decision. It just doesn't make any sense WHY this needed to be done.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery

[Post New]by Theorem on Oct 16, 14 4:13 PM
And here is the review I posted on BFG. As they seem to vanish in the air one after the other, I'll put it here as well...

Once a great FTP game

In Dark Manor, you play HOS and decorate your grounds in order to progress. As for most FTP games, energy is required but there are plenty of ways to get it. You can also visit your neighbours' manors, but the social aspect of the game is not intrusive.

This once was a great game, but the recent changes made are ruining it all. Previously sophisticated, beautifully drawn and challenging scenes are now being revamped into poorly done and easy scenes, where objects are huge, very colourful and in full sight.

The last chapters are still safe, but this shouldn't last for long, as revamping seems to be the priority when new content is desperately needed.

Dark Manor: a Hidden Object Mystery: there is no darkness anymore, nothing is hidden and the mystery has gone.

Some time ago, I would have rated the game 4 stars at least but with the new style taking place, it will not get more than 2 stars from me and I cannot recommend it.

Et voilà...

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Re:Reviews for Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery

[Post New]by chrsty740 on Oct 20, 14 11:44 AM
I put a review and was accepted here it is.

Bright Manor
Hidden object was to easy ,Items are supposed to be hunted for, To much going on with bright flashes of light, I thought it was called dark manor. As a whole the game has potential but as it stands now it's not worth playing

I don't recommend this game.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery

[Post New]by pupinio on Dec 1, 14 10:29 AM
When I started playing this game the scenes were done with artistic flair, they were challenging and overall it was the best BF game I ever played. It has gone downhill from there.

Once you reach the point where you have opened all of the chapters, once you have cleared all the land, there isn't much to keep you wanting to play. I am on level 82. My land is maxed out and there is nowhere to put items I might want to buy. If a new level comes out, it will open automatically because I have more than enough juju.

From the start I saw the day of the dead skulls and wanted to do something with them, but they are premium gifts. I opened a new manor thinking I could friend my first manor and gift premium items, but I learned that you can't friend your own manor.

Once you reach level 40, there are no new items to unlock, and by then you probably have already bought the items you wanted.

I have purchased premium scenes, but you only get one of the premium items. the scenes are expensive to buy, we should at least have the option of buying more of those items once we have unlocked, especially if we are on high levels. There really are no advantages to climbing up to level 99 that I can see, every time you level up it just means that the bar is raised to get to the next one, land is more expensive to clear and there are no new objects to buy. And when you reach level 99, what then?

The one thing I liked in the beginning was the scavenger hunt, but there hasn't been one for a while, and it looks like there won't be any more.

Then the developers went in and destroyed the artistic content by putting cartoonish stickers on the backgrounds. Some of my favorite scenes have been ruined, and there are so many spelling mistake that it is hard to complete a scrambled scene. Examples of this: Artic Fox, Saxaphone, Wrentch. A classy and intelligent game has been dumbed down to the point where it is almost unplayable. The only reason I still play is because I have spent real money and accumulated a lot of resources.

Six months ago I would have given this game top ratings, but now, I would say it is like so many other games, and would caution people to think twice about spending real money on a dead end money grab.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery

[Post New]by Donanjo on Dec 1, 14 4:13 PM
I love Dark Manor and it use to be addictive. However, land is costly, premium scenes are costly and the flashing lights are too bright.

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