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[Post New]by vingilot on Jul 9, 13 11:10 PM
Just finished the demo of the updated version and I'm still on the fence about this game. The relaxed mode still has a timer. I didn't let a level go all the way down to zero to see what would happen though. The workers seem to run a teensy bit faster - I was able to get gold on the first four levels instead of just one. I did finish the first chapter and bought the chaining power-up and was able to use that a little on the next level before my time ran out. It works all right. The screen is still way too busy, and the characters still pop-up right over what you need to collect and hang out there for way too long. You still get a ridiculously little amount of diamonds for completing each level and the power-ups you buy in the store are still priced ridiculously high. It'll probably still take forever to get all the power-ups and get gold on all the levels. Forget about building your castle.

I can wait for now.


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[Post New]by gamenana56 on Jul 22, 13 2:17 PM
I was excited, so excited about another game from these folks I didn't even do the trial hour. Now I wish I ahdn't been so trusting. It's way to hard: Everything helpful costs a boatload of crystals! It's hard to earn crystals! There is no relaxed mode to just enjoy getting the hang of DK. I am frustrated and it's no fun. I wish I hadn't bought it. It was a waste of moeny and time.


Druid Kingdom Conversation Bubbles

[Post New]by bteeter3 on Jul 24, 13 6:07 PM
I've gone from enjoying this game to being really irritated.

When playing Druid Kingdom there is an annoying number of conversation bubbles that appear during the game. Most irritating: text bubbles that cover part of the field.

My question: is it possible to get rid of the conversation panels that cover the field?

I play the game with all sounds an effects muted, in case that makes a difference.

Thank you.

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Re:Reviews for Druid Kingdom

[Post New]by stingstungme on Jul 27, 13 11:31 AM
Review of the updated version:

I just happened to be wandering around the forum and noticed there was an update which included a more realistic timer. .

Unfortunately, I used up my 60 minute demo trying to play the original aka extremely frustrating BONKERS version.
I was so frustrated with it, I deleted it from my game manager.

In desperate need of a tm game, I bought it hoping they fixed most of the major things that annoyed me.

*kicks self*

Even though there is an easy or normal level, the game is far from legendary. It still has serious faults that should have been addressed in the update.

1. The screen is still massively cluttered. It looks like someone put a bunch of buildings and resources into a cup, shook it and yelled, Yahtzee. They made that a level. Screen is so full that it reminds me of a hidden object scene. (I hate hidden object games.)

2. Speaking of HO games, screen is so full, it was hard sometimes to pick out the buildings.

2. Unskippable dialog from the slowest talkers in the world during the level. Exceptionally annoying when you have to replay a level and have to endure it.
Why does one sentence have to stay on the screen so long? Why can't we turn off the dialog?

3. Dialog takes up too much of the game screen. Dialog still hides buildings and needed resources.

4. If you bought the power up that lets you plan ahead, you can click ahead. This doesn't work when there is a fork in the road and the other path isn't cleared.
It will direct you to the other path.

5. Task list? Where?

6. Even if you get gold on all levels and complete all the bonus tasks, you still will not be able to buy the majority of things in the store. My guess is maybe 5 or 6 times all the way through but I won't find out.


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[Post New]by Endless_Patients on Aug 13, 13 1:56 PM
I only saw this game after the patch had been released. I played the "easy" mode and it was pretty good. Obviously the story isn't complete so I assume a sequel is in the wind.

However, as others have said the one thing that absolutely drives me nuts is the intrusive dialog lines that lie right across the game field. The "Mayors" popping up in the corner of the BAL games are annoying but at least you can click them and dismiss them. Once I got the hang of the story I not only didn't care what they were saying,I wanted them to shut up and get off of my game field.

It also seems unfair that the game was apparently developed for iPad and, as such, there's pretty much no way to get the needed diamonds for the power ups if you're playing on a PC.

It seems to me that a lot of devs are moving towards games for iPad, Kindles, smartphones, etc and away from games for PC/Mac's. I think that's too bad. I get the demographic that they're going after (and I'm not in it as I'm 60 years old) but while I have both an Android phone and a Kindle Fire I never, ever play games on either of them.

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Re:Reviews for Druid Kingdom

[Post New]by bessiegirl on Aug 29, 13 4:29 PM
Cute little builder game which has a VERY generous timer which is an indicator this game is pretty easy...which it is. Funny little characters that are better than most I've seen like the little dragon and that belly dancer...worth the game just to see them.

As stated above, this game is definately an entry level builder game...but still a lot of fun. Very easy and doesn't take a lot of thought. I enjoyed the entire game which, by the way is pretty short..definately wait for a DD or $2.99 special.

Very irritating issues with the game...I had to turn the music off, it was just terrible, enjoyable at first but then got real annoying. The MOST IRRITATING PART ABOUT THIS GAME WERE THOSE POP UP DIALOG BOXES THAT YOU COULDN'T CLICK AWAY AND BLOCKED THE PLAYING AREA....Why would any developer think that was a good idea...timer is running, you are in the middle of a task and these dialog boxes pop up and block the view...good grief.
Despite the pop up boxes I had fun with this one...a good one to play when you just want to "chill" and not think to hard about anything! 4 out of 5 stars on this one for me.

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Cute game but timing of productiveness is off

[Post New]by sphinxvictorian on Oct 2, 13 2:30 PM
I actually bought this game and played it for several levels, but then got stopped on 2.5 because the food, wood, and gold producing circles were so slow, that there was no way to do the level without running out the timer.

I'm really sad about this because I liked the basic premise of the game, and I really liked the music, but the mechanics were just too slow to be able to win without major strategy at such an early level.

I'm going to uninstall it, I'm afraid, and probably won't play it again.


Re:Reviews for Druid Kingdom

[Post New]by victorianartist on Dec 9, 13 8:23 PM
Well I have been playing this and I like the game and am playing in "Easy Mode."

A deal breaker for me is the stupid talk bubbles that are worthless. I am in a win gold mode and would like to shove my foot down that bubble's mouth to shut it up. I cannot stand that. It is all over my game play and is there too long (appropriate if you read it) and you cannot click on it to get rid of it. It should be an option to NOT GET THE DURN CHARACTER CHATTER! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! It drives me up the wall!

It leaves lots to be desired and the diamonds awarded are unfair to even think of getting 1000 to assist your power ups from the store. Totally the developers are not thinking of us who play. I understand they are all building it and think we are faster, but that is not true.

And the "bleeping cats" ... I want to stick those cats where the sun don't shine They blend in and you cannot see them, So, the power up I would use is the one to enhance those. But to get it, you might be through the game entirely to have enough diamonds to buy it from the stupid store. That is bunk. I bought the game... this is not a good thing. Rethink this ... Lower the diamond amount or don't make it so hard to get. Or enhance the little buggers so we can see them. And realize this, all your players are not 10. Some of us are senior citizens and we play because we enjoy it, but our eyes are just not up to our youth. Think about that when developing your game. I saw another player on here making comments in my age category so I now realize I am not the only one.

Those are two incredible drawbacks. Also, it appears to activate and get green when you have enough resourses for those red devil like creatures you need to make sure the Peri tent is activated. Did not know that. Nothing tells you that. And I am presuming that perhaps the sacred circle might do the same thing for the blue fairies???? Not sure about it, but I could not get them activated. I booted, uninstalled, reinstalled, on and on and should not have to go through hours of installing and reinstallling this game due to lack of information. Somehow we should get that information.

Some of those extras appear and reappear almost instantly. Grief, ... here we are frantically concentrating on getting gold and have to look for the dumb cats, bugs, butterflies, etc.

Developers help us out here.


Re:Reviews for Druid Kingdom

[Post New]by goddess_complex on Apr 6, 14 2:04 PM

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Re:Reviews for Druid Kingdom

[Post New]by lindiana on May 8, 14 3:08 AM
I enjoyed the game.

Yes I agree that the pop up dialog boxes were a nuisance.

Also the green circles that went around items you could click on weren't fun. I was seeing them when I closed my eyes for days. I was also having a lot of dizzy spells all of the sudden and I thought it might have been from the circles.

But I still found the game challenging and enjoyable to play.


Re:Reviews for Druid Kingdom

[Post New]by OnWisconsin on Jul 9, 14 8:16 PM

I am new to TM games. I just finished reading the, mostly negative reviews. Since I am a TM rookie, I can't really comment on those thoughts.

Here are my frustrations.

1. I AGREE w/most of the gamers that the conversations boxes drive me crazy. They pop up when THEY want to..and it is hard to get rid of them. Please, forget these "conversations" in future games!

2. The timer only got me in trouble a few times. I have been able to play all levels to the end twice. I only ran out of time .. twice. But I think I am a "speedy player"...

BIG FRUSTRATIONS: To run out of wood or you have to WAIT for the game to give you one of the items to keep playing. There are quite a few levels that I just CAN'T get a Gold Crown. I'll keep trying.

I do seem to run out of wood, etc., so fast and then I can't upgrade the buildings.
I hate to "wait" to upgrade buildings. Maybe I am playing too the wrong way

NOTE: The little food cart that you build: IT GIVES YOU GOLD AND FOOD. Lots of them. If you are in trouble...just keep going to that cart, and you will increase your needs a lot!! I just found this out

I hope new players will really give this game a try! I TRULY LOVE IT!

Thanks for 'listening'.

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:Reviews for Druid Kingdom

[Post New]by Xswqz on Nov 12, 14 9:03 AM
Love this game. Really like the ability to chain tasks. Looking forward to getting the "rest of the story".

I'd like to make a suggestion. After playing the game once, the story line just gets in the way, especially when it pops up during play and blocks your view. Would really really like to see an option to turn off the story line!

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:Reviews for Druid Kingdom

[Post New]by Xswqz on Dec 3, 14 8:11 AM
A big plus in how this game allows chaining tasks is that you can chain tasks that don't have available resources so that you can go on to other tasks knowing that as soon as the resources are available your character will get to it. You also see the order of the chained tasks. Adds an interesting twist to your resources management strategy. Sure would like to see this capability in the Northern Tale games.

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