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Re:Your Comments and Review for Dream Day Wedding Bella Italia

[Post New]by Pat_ric_ia on Apr 8, 11 9:37 AM
ilikegame wrote:I bought all Dream Day series, including wedding, honeymoon, and first home.

I really enjoy in playing the games again and again. very relax and romantic.

Looking forward to having more games like these.

Thanks for the good job!

Hi all, Me too Ilikegame, I found this game and the others very relaxing and enjoyable. Must admit the very tiny objects did bug me but then there are the hints to use. Like you I look forward to having more of the same.
Love Pat_ric_ia x


Re:Your Comments and Review for Dream Day Wedding Bella Italia

[Post New]by DreamDayFanatic on May 7, 11 6:12 PM
In my opinion this is the best Dream Day Wedding yet!!! I have played them all since the beginning. All of which I found to be enjoyable. However this one I found to be the most challenging. Which was really refreshing for me.

Some have complained about the story line not being as involved. Which is true in a sense. You may not get to choose the outcome of the story line, but I found it to be less annoying than the previous versions, where I would just click on whatever choice just to get through that part of the game.

I found the mini games in this edition to be more fun and much more challenging than previous versions. I can honestly say that I have never ran out of time on any mini game in all the previous versions before I played Bella Italia. But with Bella, I have had to actually try to beat the clock, where as before it was mindless and too easy for me.


Re:Your Comments and Review for Dream Day Wedding Bella Italia

[Post New]by angelofmusic62 on Oct 10, 11 10:41 AM
I agree, the items are much smaller than the other Dream Day games. I have all of them, and enjoy playing them in between some of the more difficult and darker IHOGS. But then, that's why we have hints! I can usually remember where the small objects are when I replay the game. I love the entire series, and love that in each new game, more things are added. I would love to see more actual wedding planning. We always get to choose the dress and the flowers, and in Las Vegas we got to decorate the site, but there is so much more that can be done. I'd love to be able to choose bridesmaids gowns, and tuxedos, and dress up the mother of the bride, and perhaps choosing hairstyles. I would make a games where you could choose where to have the wedding.... in a backyard, in a church or synogogue. All in all though, each game gets a little better.

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Dream Day Wedding Bella Italia

[Post New]by cbellcrm on Oct 30, 11 1:16 AM
If you enjoy buying games you cannot finish, if knowing you paid for more of a game than you will ever see is appealing, then this is the game for you. I loved the first two games, but wasn't able to finish the third one I bought because I couldn't beat the timer, so I passed on this one when it first came out. But for a Daily Deal I figured it was worth $3 even if I couldn't finish. I was wrong. The hidden objects were TINY and looked IDENTICAL to the things that weren't hidden objects. Even on the mode with no timer I couldn't finish. From the comments in this forum, I'd say half their customers couldn't get to the bonus content. Even a simple minigame like drag the cursor over the fountain until it is clean they made hard enough that lots of people couldn't get past it. When you are searching for the lost wedding rings, you only have one hint and it usually points to something you aren't looking for. Dust over everything gave me eye strain. Annoying messages kept blocking the screen. I had items to search for like "2 Multicolored H" and I had to figure out it meant Heels. The jigsaw pieces were difficult to rotate. Throw in a witch and objects like "cabbage colour" and it wasn't even worth $3, no matter how cute the bluebirds are.

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Dream Day Wedding Bella Italia

[Post New]by Eneri on Jun 15, 12 3:42 AM
I love this game and in fact have played it more than the other Dream Days, though i like them too. I do feel compelled to point out, however, that it's not very realistic.

You have two weeks to plan and pull off a wedding in a foreign country without your usual contacts. During that time you're supposed to repair a fountain (takes quite awhile for concrete to cure), pick olives (which if you're going to eat them need to be processed), make wine (boil the bottles, press the grapes, let it age), sew a dress back together (you'd better be one heck of a seamstress), be down on your hands and knees pawing through leaves for almonds, make a cake, make another cake, make ravioli, travel back and forth from Florence to the villa, then back to Florence, then back to the villa and somehow get a dress made in a day. Not gonna happen, guys.

Still, I do love the game, although Mama Lucia is a little scary with her dreams/nightmares.

I've been through every mode from Carefree to Seasoned Traveler and loved each one, though I admit, I had to have my sister help with the Spot the Difference mini-games. She is the Spot the Difference wonder girl.

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Dream Day Wedding Bella Italia

[Post New]by ezputt on Oct 2, 12 11:59 AM
Good afternoon fishies,
I'm just about finished this wonderful game but, I ran out of hints, what happens then, I can't turn the page to restart therefore do I have to start from the beginning again?
Thank you if anyone can help.



Re:Your Comments and Review for Dream Day Wedding Bella Italia

[Post New]by mbramos3 on Oct 15, 12 4:55 PM
I have this game but i am stuck i need to find the last grape and i have no more hints left Thank you mbramos3

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