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[Post New]by brighe on Jul 20, 11 10:08 PM
I tried the free hour of the game but do not think that I will buy because of the problem that I had with the gnome. After I accepted his task I could no longer go to that shop to buy anything. Every time that I went there the rules of the game would block the screen and not go down when I clicked on OK.

I could not complete the needed purchases to finish the tasks.


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[Post New]by ashmegkyle3 on Apr 17, 12 9:38 PM
How do you earn a Degree? I have to earn any degree at the University and I am not sure how. Thanks(:


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[Post New]by beachrose on Jun 5, 12 10:53 AM
GeorgeTSLC wrote:VERY interesting morality this game has, JBlover. It doesn't care who you get married to, but once you're hitched, you're hitched--no divorce possible. This fact is covered in at least one other thread in this forum.

So don't bother trying to drive off your mate. When s/he hits 0 happiness/love, YOU lose 45 happy per day, 53 if you've acquired one child, and I don't know how much per additional kid.

got sick of the spouse myself! just seems to be a problem, can't divorce that i know about, if so someone let me know!


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[Post New]by beachrose on Jun 5, 12 10:54 AM
lifequestfan wrote:hi!
Yesterday I bought this game for windows I can't stop playing but, I have one big problem I don't know how to beat Kathyrin at her challenge: writing 9 movie reviews I just don't know how to write one movie review!
please answer quickly I want to continue playing,
thank you,

go the the movies, hit review. you can only do 2 per day (if i remember correctly) but, you visit every day til your finished.


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[Post New]by beachrose on Jun 5, 12 10:57 AM
piella wrote:I'm thinking of trying Life Quest but since I'm not straight, I don't want a husband!! Does this game let you choose the gender of the spouse you're looking for or is it strictly for straight /bi people?

yes, i believe it does, you can run an ad for the same sex, and dance with prospective same sex partners at dancy pants.

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