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[Post New]by passionfruitgms on May 26, 10 7:48 PM
Nerak, we're aiming for January 2011 for Part II's release.

Deijiara, I wish I could introduce you to our artist Jeff so you could buy him a drink for his great concept of Hari! Marjorie (the author of the book) gave us a description and some real-life examples of how she thought Hari should look, we made a bunch of concepts, and she ended up picking the one you see in the game.

Scarlet, there are going to varying opinions on every game, and romance games may not be for everyone! About the heroine - the story is that she lives in the US and is traveling in China. Tiger Eye Part II will actually take place in the US. If you're interested in a story with an Asian heroine, there is another book by Liu that takes place in China featuring a Chinese heroine - it's the 3rd book in her romance series, titled "The Red Heart of Jade."

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Re:Talk to the developers here

[Post New]by LizzieK on May 26, 10 9:11 PM
I hope you continue your collaboration with Ms. Liu and create games based on all of her books!

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Re:Talk to the developers here

[Post New]by Helen64 on May 27, 10 4:09 AM
Hi Melissa,

I would have played the game and probably have found many of the aspects in the game that everyone else has found which would make a better game. unfortunately I was unable to play this game and won't be trying to play it as I have tried several times to play it and can't. Maybe the next game you put out I might have better luck with. We see. Good Luck and take care from Helen.

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Re:Talk to the developers here

[Post New]by zorrogumbo on May 28, 10 4:09 PM
This game is one of the best so far this year. Developpers do not take us for children like some do. This is a good story, the voices are not a pain in the **** to hear, the graphics are nice and to searching of some items sometimes hard to find but I do like it that way, puzzles are different and alot of variety and I've only played 1 hr so far in the game and very impressed. I do also love it because the game let us search for some things that need to be done without blinking stars all around like some do. Overall 5 stars out of 5 and hope that the sequel will be 6 stars out of 5 ! Thanks for a great game.

Ok now, i am halfway through this game and still ''in love'' with it. Cannot wait for the second part.

Love the mellow music in this game and the story is very interesting. Puzzles i've never seen and not too easy either. Mucho gracias......

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Re:Talk to the developers here

[Post New]by Christina892 on May 30, 10 9:06 AM
I really enjoyed this game and it kept me on my toes. The humor in it too kept me laughing, especially the last part when they are on the airplane. x) Personally I would love it if I could find a romance that way, minus all the death threats of course. But wouldn't it be grand if one could find a box and within the perfect man awaits. Would make this lonely lady's life..


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[Post New]by KemmaRedCat on May 30, 10 11:47 AM
I put off trying this game because I am not a huge fan of romances. However, once I tried it, I was hooked. I purchased the game the next day.

I have a large monitor so the graphics were not too small for me. I've only needed to use the hints a few times. The puzzles are very enjoyable and I like the variety. As others have mentioned, the voice-acting is very well done.

I will be looking forward to part II.

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Re:Talk to the developers here

[Post New]by candycreme on May 30, 10 4:57 PM
I agree with Helen64 ,I also downloaded this game 3 times but could not play it because the items are sooo tiny it is hard for some eyes .i am really dissapointed because I read all the good reviews and there is nothing to do but to wait for #2 .

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Re:Talk to the developers here

[Post New]by LizzieK on May 30, 10 5:07 PM
candycreme wrote:I agree with Helen64 ,I also downloaded this game 3 times but could not play it because the items are sooo tiny it is hard for some eyes .i am really dissapointed because I read all the good reviews and there is nothing to do but to wait for #2 .
You might enjoy playing this type of game with a magnifying glass. I bought one at a needlework store but you can get them at most drug stores and at Walmart. I keep it by my computer and use it on most hidden object games.

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Re:Talk to the developers here

[Post New]by Lunarea on May 30, 10 7:17 PM
I sometimes leave a note for the developers in my review, but since this thread is here ...

I think you did a wonderful job with the atmosphere, but a little tweak to the music would really blow it out of the water. Your music is absolutely fitting for a romance game, but there's enough action and intrigue in the story to allow for something more exotic or fast-paced. You don't necessarily have to match the music to the locale, but a slightly exotic undertone would make the player feel like they're in China that much more.

I also experienced some frustration with finding the objects, though the problem wasn't really their size. Your graphics are gorgeous and the items blend in well. A little too well, actually. It's a really delicate balance, though, between having the objects fit in well or not at all. I'd encourage you to experiment with things like sharpness, saturation and border thickness. Even something as subtle as the objects being slightly darker than the scenery will draw the eye to them a little easier.


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[Post New]by SoonersSlave on May 31, 10 6:07 AM
Melissa, HELP!!!! lol I LOVE the game too, but for some reason I can't run it in windowed mode. I have my resolution set at 1152x864(I've also tried hogher and lower res. too), but it just keeps switching itself back to fullscreen. Is this a bug?? Or just another Vista screw up??CAN'T WAIT for January!!

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Re:Talk to the developers here

[Post New]by joyce2121 on May 31, 10 9:53 AM
Hi Melissa,

How great that the developers care what we think.
Didn't demo until today, and it's a definite buy.
Yes, lots of the objects are too small for my
eyesight, but I'm getting over that. Hope they
get a little clearer in future offerings.

I absolutely love that the mini games have
progressive hints! So many times in other
games, I just draw a blank, but hate to skip
and with this option, I can get a nudge in the
right direction and so far, that has enabled me
to finish.

Great job for a first ever game.
Looking forward to the sequel and any others
you develop


Re:Talk to the developers here

[Post New]by passionfruitgms on May 31, 10 4:16 PM
Helen64 and SoonersSlave - we actually aren't supposed to answer tech support requests here (sorry!) but you can visit the handy BFG support area here:
and if your problem isn't listed, just click on the "Contact Us" button on the left side of the screen to ask BFG Tech Support your specific question!

We have read all the latest feedback; thanks again.

And loving Lizzie's bountiful helpful tips throughout this forum!

Now back to re-reading the second half of the Tiger Eye book in preparation for part II...

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Re:Talk to the developers here

[Post New]by QEIII on Jun 1, 10 5:16 AM
Please developers - take no notice of those people who may have complained about the "chat". Please continue with the storyline - I am loving it. By all means put in a skip button for those people who don't care about the characters or story, but for those that like to read or hear the conversations please carry on like part 1.
I don't really like romances - slushy and sentimental usually, but I was very taken with these two. I like the undercurrant of passion that is simmering - very realistic - you very rarely see kissing in games - that is what people do after all!! Also loved all the puzzles.

Really enjoyed this game - 5 Roll part 2 - I will be buying it if it is as good as this one.


Re:Talk to the developers here

[Post New]by mooncat1950 on Jun 1, 10 10:44 PM
I really like this game format! Looking forward to Pt 2. I was really hoping the extras would be access to the mini games - some of the best I've encountered. I am currently playing it over again shortly after finishing it the first time. And enjoying it just as much.
One con - I could do without the romance angle.

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Re:Talk to the developers here

[Post New]by dlk_shades on Jun 14, 10 8:07 PM
LOVE LOVE Can't wait for Part II. I wasn't sure about it, but started the demo and bought it. It was that much fun! I do agree with not being able to see the small objects. I don't like to use the hints unless something was REALLY not seen. I loved the mini games. I am not a word fan, but the puzzles were fun. Please follow the same format this one was since good games like this are hard to find. Any more like this one?

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Re:Talk to the developers here

[Post New]by genkicoll on Jun 14, 10 8:58 PM
There are some more puzzle games, but I can't think of any quite like Tiger Eye Try starting a new topic in the Chit Chat Corner - you'll get more answers there

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Re:Talk to the developers here

[Post New]by lilyr on Jun 19, 10 10:46 PM
Hi passionfruit and Welcome!

Wow! You did yourselves proud with your first game. I'm not a fan of romance novels, but the story line in this game was great. I love reading/listening to cut scenes so I'm glad you had a lot of them. The voice actors were quite good. I'm also glad that you had a skip option for the puzzles. Sometimes I just didn't have it in me to try version three of a puzzle. I have a 17" monitor and use reading glasses. Coupled with the hints I didn't have any problems. I played on and off over three days, so the game was a good long one. I'll definitely replay it to see if I can unlock the extras.

Thank you so much for a game that is several cuts above the usual.

January huh? I can wait. No, I really can. Well maybe. Guess I don't have any choice!

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Re:Talk to the developers here

[Post New]by sonofstar on Oct 8, 10 10:31 AM
Thank you for having the courage to put a "romance" based game out there. Tiger Eye is the best game I've ever played and I've been playing casual computer games for nearly a decade.

Marjorie Liu is an excellent writer and having her write the dialog means it maintains the same feel and tone as the book. I LOVE the voice actors chosen for Hari and Dela. Please keep them in Part 2. They're sooo perfect. They make the characters really come alive.

The music is phenomenal. It's the type of music the tugs at your heartstrings and stays in your head all day.

The cut scene movies are great. I love them and wish I could just watch them over and over again. I play the game over and over again just to see them.

I liked the mini-games. Some objects were small and VERY well hidden, but for the most part, everything is well balanced. I like the fact that the games aren't your standard mini-game format. Makes for a fresh challenge.

It's nice to know that part 2 really is coming. I'll be biting my nails until January. Never mind the manicure...I'll get the chance after January. Because of the game I purchased the book, and I know the second half ought to present some interesting challenges. The waiting is killing me and apparently quite a few of the rest of us as well.

Kudos for such a marvelous game first time into the foray of casual gaming.

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Re:Talk to the developers here

[Post New]by harleybeatles55 on Nov 14, 10 10:36 PM

PLEASE, I BEG you! I really NEED part 2! This game is awesome in every way. I've played Part 1 countless times but it doesn't get old. HARI is the perfect guy! Big, strong, protective,handsome and a little naive about our century. And apparently he's a great kisser!

I need more Tiger Eye! Do you have a 'guessimate' as to when we might be seeing Part 2? I KNOW I am not alone in the anticipation!

Here's a couple of limericks I made:

Delilah and Hari just met
modern things he just doesn't "get"
like a gift from above
they are falling in love
forever he is in her debt

Delilah can pick up a knife
from her thoughts she can see it's whole "life"
when she needs her new man
he does all that he can
he wants her to be his mate-wife

I'm going to print more crappy limericks until Part 2 comes out!!

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