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Game crashed in "conclusion chapter"

[Post New]by KDinMD43 on Nov 8, 15 6:42 AM
I have had this game crash at least 5 times. In each instance, I was nearing the end of a chapter. Game crashed to black screen and I lost all my progress.

I called my tech helper person and they did a tune up on everything. So I tried again and still it crashed. I know I have everything up to date. I got to the last chapter and as I was handing over the money to the cart driver (after having to replay the level three times) it crashed again.

I am playing on an ASUS transformer 2 in 1.


Re:Game crashed in "conclusion chapter"

[Post New]by CatherineMoon on Apr 12, 16 12:33 PM
I've had it happening at random levels, and also at the conclusion level. After speaking to the chief for the last piece of the amulet, the game crashed! Bye 90 minutes of gameplay! Argh.

Feel like it's a waste of money this game, with all it's bugs and not even having a possibility of saving the game itself.

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