[Post New]by aussieaim01 on Nov 8, 15 6:33 PM
Hey everyone. I'm sure if I read thru every post I will probably find what I'm about to ask but that would take me like forever.

I've just started playing this game & I think I really like it. Problem is I have NO IDEA what I'm doing!

Is there somewhere I can look to find a condensed version of how to play this game & what I'm supposed to be doing? I don't understand the magic & how to get more zombies or well, anything.

So many times I go to close the game but keep trying to figure out what to do. I want a basic info on how to play the game & what things mean.

Sorry if this is really sad basic asking. I'm not sad or basic, I'm chemical imbalanced & at times it's hard to figure out even the easiest things. I always feel as if Im asking something that a five year old could work out but ... chemical imbalance affects the brain.

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[Post New]by harmony on Dec 19, 15 4:59 PM
I totally understand, that's why I'm here, I can't figure it out either.

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