Where's the Mac version?

[Post New]by CurleeChik on Oct 16, 09 12:59 PM
Ok...so they have a Mac version at Playfirst so why not here? Macs are so dang popular now & STILL these sites don't have all the games for Mac. I just don't get it!!!!


Re:Where's the Mac version?

[Post New]by sshowalter82 on Nov 2, 09 6:58 AM
Seriously. It gets quite annoying especially since Big Fish carries almost all of Playfirst's games. I mean I would love to play and possibly buy it but I shouldnt have to have a gamer's account at every game website just to get a decent price. Big Fish needs to stay a little less biased on OS as far as Im concerned.


Re:Where's the Mac version?

[Post New]by mel588 on Nov 5, 09 1:32 PM
A new game every day??? Not for mac users!

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