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The Island Castaway: Lost World. Where can i find a stone column?? please help!

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[Post New]by plat1098 on Mar 18, 16 7:45 PM
This is a dated post but I'll answer: Not sure what you mean by "stone column." I won't give away the store but there's a swamp with a sacred ritual area that will eventually reveal another (and final) part of the island. You will have to do a heckuva lot to achieve this. Obtain a lot of protective potions, at least five, because you'll need them. It's also wise to cook in advance several each of the steak, crab and fish dishes because Tom constantly runs around from one end to the other accomplishing the various tasks.

This game is 6 years old and I love it. Bought the second installment sight unseen because this one is so much FUN.

Added: Oops, wait a minute, don't think we're talking about the same game. The game I'm talking about is The Island /colon/ Castaway. Maybe OP is talking about another game entirely.

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