Sling Shot

[Post New]by karmicmoon on Nov 10, 15 5:25 PM
I'm stuck, I need to use the sling shot (according to the "hint") but I can't!! I have marbles, but I think I am suppose to use the bolts from the playground, but I have no idea how I am suppose to get the bolts. Can anyone help?? Please

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Re:Sling Shot

[Post New]by GaPeach1981 on Feb 3, 16 10:05 AM
Not sure if anyone ever answered you but: * spoiler alert* Highlight to see the answers

The problem I had with the slingshot was that you have to make sure the little "x" attachments are pushed down on each side of the slingshot. It will then allow you to use the marbles that were provided for the slingshot. The wrench is used to remove the bolts from the bars on the playground ladder to get into the floating house.

Hope this helps!


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