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T & H

[Post New]by jblad on Nov 11, 15 6:20 AM
is there a particular place you have to construct the letters before you can take them? I complete the letters but they don't "activate" I can't grab the completed letters..there's no change once they are put together properly....

Maybe I haven't put every piece in the right place? but the lines all match up and the edges as well and the shape is right...

sometimes I just miss things...

I would really appreciate any advice thank you



Re:T & H

[Post New]by phoenix_rising on Nov 15, 15 3:39 PM
what letters? I only did the demo and the only letters so far are the ones on the rope, and they light up when you touch the right part.


Re:T & H

[Post New]by clouds_of_claire on Apr 3, 16 11:16 AM
I had a problem with this too. Eventually I looked at the walkthrough and saw that in the screenshots the sides of the pieces were lined up but not quite touching. When I put the letters together with the pieces a little bit further apart they completed and let me take them.

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