stuck really

[Post New]by thamiza on Oct 17, 09 8:05 PM
after you get the screwdriver and the shovel where you have to go tried everything already and a got nothing . please can somebody help me because i dont know what else i have to do and i dont know how to get that stupid coin for that game.

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Re:stuck really

[Post New]by bizzeebee on Oct 18, 09 3:52 AM
Hi thamiza, the quarter for the arcade game is in the theater balcony on the seat by where Delaware is standing, in the scene before the storage room, Josh's ghost, and the projection room....Once you get the quarter, go downstairs to the theater where you'll see an arcade machine next to the doors leading to the seating area.


Re:stuck really

[Post New]by blondie2063 on Nov 14, 09 5:36 PM
I'm Brandon and I was wondering how do you get to the balcony and where is the screwdriver and shovel. Please help me.Thanks


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