[Post New]by Oliviaherself on Oct 18, 09 4:51 PM
I was having a great time with this game, it has a real sense of humor to it, but now, it has gone black on me. When I restart it, it takes me to the same black screen. I do not wish to start over and have this happen again. I also have had the problem of finding all the objects and being told I had only found 19/20. I guess this B.F.'s problem as everybody seems to be having some degree of difficulty. Do they post when a problem is fixed?

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[Post New]by bfgEuphrates on Oct 19, 09 2:52 PM
Hi Oliviaherself,

Welcome to the forums! Black screens in games usually correspond to graphics issues and can normally be fixed by doing some free updates to your system. We have a help page article that outlines those updates, step by step, and I've included a link for you below so that you can find the article easily.

Help My Games Run Correctly

If that doesn't help though, the best way to resolve the issue is to write into our Customer Support team from the "Still Need Help" link on the left side of that help article. They'll be happy to help!



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[Post New]by Word_Dudely on Oct 20, 09 7:34 AM
Hello Oliviaherself,

That issue occurs when the save data has been corrupt. The good news is it can be fixed without having to do too much work. The bad news is you'll have to start your game progress over (but it will give you a new chance to enjoy the first parts of the quirky game again). To fix the issue you have to delete the corrupted save data. Here's where it gets fun.

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Copy and paste the following into the URL field

\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\MissTeriTale3

3. Press Enter to open the folder in Windows Explorer
4. Remove the file ending with the extention .mtt3 from the folder (you can remove it by simply deleting the file or cut and paste it to another folder like your desktop. If you email the file to Big Fish Customer Support it will help the developers find a fix for the issue)

Hope that helps.

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[Post New]by Oliviaherself on Oct 27, 09 6:23 PM
Thank you so much. Everything seems to be working fine now. It is kind of you to take the time to answer my question!

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