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AES blue print book Library-Dinosaur Display

[Post New]by kujosmom on Nov 14, 15 9:40 AM
Help !! I have all of the puzzle pieces except for the middle left side border. I have read the Plane, AES Door etc link so I know it's either in 1b,3, 7 or 8 but I can't seem to get the piece to drop. I even click the hint button when completed per the hint and nothing seems to work. I gone through several hundred magnifying glasses to no avail. any suggestions? does anyone know which one it is in?

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Re:AES blue print book Library-Dinosaur Display

[Post New]by OddlyEnuh on Nov 14, 15 5:04 PM
Sending you a link to the screen shots so you can tell which you need. Check your messages over to the right. Sounds like 1B to me.

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