Original still the best for me

[Post New]by Cabbagepatcher on Sep 16, 08 6:25 AM
I just loved the first Cake Mania, but trialling 2 & 3 didn't make me want to buy either of them. I didn't find any different dimensions in them to the original. Also Cake Mania 3 froze my computer and I had to re-boot it which put me off even more.
Bit of a disappointment, but that's cool - I can still play the original.

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Re:Original still the best for me

[Post New]by peutetre on Sep 16, 08 7:48 AM
I'm a big fan of the original as well, didn't like 2 much at all but I'm enjoying 3. There are some new things (which may be variations on 2--didn't buy that one so I only know what happened in the trial . . .) but the characters and power ups are different, sometimes quite difficult. For example, in the Ancient Egypt part of the game, a character appears who will transform other customers into mummies. This didn't strike me as being that big of a deal, until I discovered that it changes their orders as well. Yeah . . . so you could be making two two-layer cakes and find out that neither is needed anymore . . . Yes, there are things you can do to minimize this disruption but, hey, that's part of the challenge, huh?


Re:Original still the best for me

[Post New]by orlandomiki on Sep 16, 08 11:34 AM
I too liked 1 the best...bought 2 but really don't care for it....3 is alright and will probably wind up buying it...Think sequel games are like sequel movies the first is the best. Now I didn't find this to be the case with the turbo games.....Pizza was great if a bit short....Subs even better....Fiesta better yet....Go figure..


Re:Original still the best for me

[Post New]by sukera on Oct 21, 08 5:29 AM
I loved that game but sadly I only got to play one level

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