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Black bars!, again and again!

[Post New]by 294445 on Nov 15, 15 1:12 PM
Aspect 4:3, I had black bars.
Aspect 16:9, stretched too much.
(Any resolutions, Windows 7, Generic Non-PnP Monitor)

It's the same problem as the latest Redemption Cemetery and Haunted Legends.
Why have they removed the 'Aspect Ratio' button from option menu?
I'm fed up with ERS’s.

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Re:Black bars!, again and again!

[Post New]by dog2007 on Nov 15, 15 6:41 PM
Do you mean the black on the top and bottom of the screen?

It was like that in the Beta and nothing was done...I could still play...it just didn't look like a full screen


Re:Black bars!, again and again!

[Post New]by shelterhill on Nov 17, 15 6:14 AM
I had the same problems you had with haunted legends and redemption cemetery, first black bars, and later on a bigger monitor too stretched, but this particular game works normal, on my new monitor, with a very high resolution..

But isn't it stupid, to have to change monitors???

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