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Trying hard to fail

[Post New]by madmatt42 on Oct 20, 09 3:02 PM
After finishing the game, I have been exploring different ways to fail.
The walkthrough mentioned that if you don't have the sextant and watch you land on the island in the wrong place.
Here are things I tried:
If you do have the sextant and watch but take them apart first you land in the wrong place.
You can get salt water from the shore at the magnetic rock.
You can blow yourself up with the cannon.
Yellow Dog will kill you if you scare him without fixing the trap.
You can ditch LJS and Pepita and run off with the treasure.
These add scenes to the Gallery.
Has anyone else found something interesting?

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Re:Trying hard to fail

[Post New]by robin94122 on Oct 20, 09 5:43 PM
Interesting list!

If you go up the path to Long John Silver's house when you first arrive without negotiating with the pirates, you'll be caught in their trap.

If you don't rescue Pepita from the mine, you will become ill with the fever and not know how to cure yourself.

If you put the items on the Idol in the wrong places, then continue, the skeleton will never fall from the gallows even though you have the second ram's horn.

If you don't sing the entire song to the Parrot, he'll never drop the purse for you.

I'm pretty sure at the very end there's a way to fail to rescue Long John Silver, but I didn't see that one for myself.


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Re:Trying hard to fail

[Post New]by madmatt42 on Oct 21, 09 2:39 AM
Thanks for adding new things to try out.

After the snake falls on LJS, head for the treasure room.
Pepita will beg you to save her father, but you can choose to leave them behind.
When she pleads with you to stay and you agree, you can then head for the treasure again and this time Jim's dialogue is even nastier.

Also did you:
Keep the cannonball all the way until the end
Mend Morgan's wounded leg
Have LJS draw a picture on the slate board
Hammer the code in Skull rock w/o lighting a fire or fixing the sculpture

They show the lottery numbers from "Lost" twice. Once underwater and again on the open lid of the treasure chest in the finale. I tried to hammer those block numbers but there are only 24 blocks so I couldn't hit #42, not that that would have done anything.

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