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What the??? and I'm a Guppy!!!!

[Post New]by Dudesmum on Nov 16, 15 8:41 AM
G'Day Fellow Fishies....

Firstly the real reason I'm a posting is the ask if you all had the same ending I did and could someone PM what happened....

So first let me put in
Spoiler Alert... (some words have been changed to White, please highlight if you wish to read them... Please ignore if you have not played the game yet)

So the game starts as it does and you are holding something....

Playing the game.... Playing the game...

Then you are hearing someone's story....

Then floorboards and you are back to the start holding that and Dupin says what he says...

Now is that how it ended for me and if so...

What the ____ happened what did I miss.... and who was the killer and why was I holding that thing....

Thing being the Heart of someone???

So could someone let me know what I missed please??

Does anyone else think we are missing a Chapter?

Now onto the more important matter...

It's been awhile since I've been actively posting on here so it has taken me awhile to become a....


Woohoo party in my fish bowl tomorrow... BYO your own benthic algae and aquatic insect larvae or fish food ...

Like Guppies found here in West Aus I'm an introduced species as I'm originally from a different country but have made here my home...

And I think I even had a pet Guppy once until my cat could no longer resist the temptation ....

But as Guppies aren't very exciting I'll have to start posting more to become a Minnow ??? Okay not so much of a rush then ...

Love and squishy Guppy hugs Dudesmum aka MumofChaos aka Julie

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Re:What the??? and I'm a Guppy!!!!

[Post New]by tookat on Nov 16, 15 10:58 AM
I cannot answer your first question....as I am far from finishing the game, and didn't read that portion of the post....thank you for the very large spoiler warning...
but, a jump in fish level, MUST be sillybrated!

congratulimations on the guppydom.
If not a very exciting feesh, it is one that is familiar and comfortable as a first pet of many people. Mine always seemed to be such happy fish.....less serious than the goldfish in another bowl.

Would love to see you post more friend....
but as you live with cats, tuck yourself safely under the covers when you sleep, because all cats know, a guppy is a succulent morsel just waiting to be dipped out of the fishbowl.....and how thoughtful of the human to provide fish, properly fresh.
I think I will eschew the aquatic insect larvae and just have Bloody Mary's instead.
A good drink for serious imbibing, as it comes with a celery stalk and tastee vegetable joose......and the most important ingredient....Hot Sauce!
What? You thought the most important ingredient was Vodka?
No.....Vodka and lots of it, is important to have a good soak......but Hot Sauce gives it the kick that makes it lip smacking good!
(and keeps my tomato sauce addicted cat's nose out of my drink)

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Re:What the??? and I'm a Guppy!!!!

[Post New]by tookat on Nov 16, 15 12:33 PM
Ok......finished the main game.
and all I can say is "WHAT THE HECK?"
All I can think of is that there was a glitch and the game skipped over part of a scene at the end."

spoilers past this point

From what I can get, the Old man (Felix?) was the killer of the two women, and he discovered the young man knew his secret so, during a fight between the two, Paul defended himself....and killed the old man.....
and buried him under the floorboards.....
Which is something like the original tale by Poe......except the young man killed the old man, if I remember exactly, because he couldn't stand the old man's wall eye.
and in his guilt, imagined he heard the still beating heart.

Now, I could be wrong, it is probably fifty years since I read the Poe stories....and just about as long since I saw the old Vincent Price movies.....which were pretty loose translations of Poe, themselves.....
But, it doesn't erase the fact that the game has either a glitch or very poor editing in the segue to the end.

Honestly, I don't know whether I want to file a tech report....and I cannot believe that there is a skip, in the very important denouement.
ERS......you need to give your editors more coffee.....I think they have been Sillybrating Dudesmum's rise to Guppydom to heavily.

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Re:What the??? and I'm a Guppy!!!!

[Post New]by Hoppity on Nov 16, 15 8:02 PM
I agree. To make it an even stronger point, the game seemed really short. Like something got left out.

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Re:What the??? and I'm a Guppy!!!!

[Post New]by AussieMoo on Nov 17, 15 3:22 AM
Spot on! Glad it wasn't just me who went HUH at the end, no idea what just happened & then was not happy too as it was so short. Biggest letdown game of the year.

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Re:What the??? and I'm a Guppy!!!!

[Post New]by bribling on Nov 17, 15 5:27 AM
The game does seem short and also seems as though whole sections are missing. I keep expecting to see an update and an apology something like, "Sorry ERS fans, we made a big mistake and let this one out too soon. Please install the Whole game now." Somehow I don't think this is going to happen though.

I have enjoyed ERS for years and own most, if not all, of their games until this one. I just can hardly believe this was intended to be released like this so I keep checking for an update or maybe some word from ERS regarding this unusually poor release.

I have not purchased the game due to the disappointment in the very short Demo. I do, however, keep checking this Forum to see if there might be something more to it.

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Re:What the??? and I'm a Guppy!!!!

[Post New]by AGlondon on Nov 17, 15 1:02 PM
tookat, thanks for explaining the story for me because I honestly thought that Dupin was talking to me when he exclaimed "what have you done?" I mean it was showing the scene from my point of view and as others have said there was no scene showing us what happened after that guy reading about the murders in the paper, it just went to a fighting mini game. I don't know if we lost a scene or if it was just made badly but I have to say I'm a little disappointed.


Re:What the??? and I'm a Guppy!!!!

[Post New]by andrewatts on Nov 17, 15 2:37 PM
I'm as confused as you are. Who is Paul???? And I played the bonus game and was even more confused by that. Help!

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Re:What the??? and I'm a Guppy!!!!

[Post New]by Sestra on Nov 18, 15 8:20 AM
I'm going to add my own voice to the "what the ****" post. Just reached the "end" of the "main" story and couldn't believe it when the credits started to roll. Figured something must be missing - if not, WE'VE BEEN HAD!

I didn't even download a trail for this game, as my previous experience with the Dark Tales-EAP series has been so good, just went ahead and bought it. My only consolation was that I didn't pay "real" money for it, just cashed in two game credits...actually, I do still feel robbed.

In summary:

Too short (even for a standard game, let alone a CE)
Too confusing (okay, swap perspectives, but do it right!)
Too "Let's see if we can get the duffers to pay good money for this on the back of our previous releases"
And what's with promoting their own games via the "collectibles"???

Sorry, but there it is. One disappointed ex-fan of Dark Tales.

On a happier note: Congratulation on achieving Guppydom!

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Re:What the??? and I'm a Guppy!!!!

[Post New]by tookat on Nov 18, 15 5:29 PM
wow....you are so welcome AGlondon .
I am glad to know my synopsis made sense to someone.
It was all I could figure was going on.....

but I am still disappointed with the length of the game and the ending.....and the bonus game didn't IMO, make up for that.....nor did the bonus bonus after collecting all the cards and making my dreary way through three way too long, match three games.
The "bonus game" of the crystal skull either was not a game, or had something hugely wrong with it.

Ah well....live and learn, I had vowed two games ago that I was done with the Dark Tales series....the sweet helper animals were gone, and very little that was new was surfacing in the games, but the Tell Tale Heart is one of my favorite Poe stories.
I don't want to see what kind of pastiche they make out of The Cask of Amontilado or The Tomb of Ligeia.

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Re:What the??? and I'm a Guppy!!!!

[Post New]by tookat on Nov 18, 15 5:33 PM
andrewatts, Paul was the young man who told the story of living with the "old man" and who told his version of the story right before that cluster***** of an ending.

ERS does owe us a HUGE patch to fix the game bribling, but like you, I am not going to hold my breath until we get one.

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Re:What the??? and I'm a Guppy!!!!

[Post New]by dog2007 on Nov 19, 15 1:31 PM
Ok I'm going to try an explain what i got from the story line...


Highlight to read

Working from the bonus chapter forward what I got was 15 years prior someone had killed Felix's wife and daughter. One was hung in a tree and the other was stuffed in a bag in the shed. There was also some family picture with the man xed out which i assume was him and the person who blackened his picture was the one who killed his wife and daughter trying to frame him.

I also believe the attacker took Felix's eye which was bandaged and would turn red if you selected Guilty at the end.

Fast forward 15 years and you have the murder of a woman who's body was hung from a tree THE SAME AS FELIX'S WIFE/DAUGHTER (forget who was where). The apple carving was a symbol from their home but I'm not sure about the flour.

The witness who saw the murder said she had gotten a note from someone who sounded "mad"....there was just something about their note and what the witness said about them that made me think something wasn't quite right (they had a disorder or something to put it in other words).

Now Felix clearly saw the witness and followed her but she eluded him that night and was able to make a report to the police.

After you go back to investigating Felix comes in and kills her probably so nobody can accuse him...but he is followed by Paul who sees him kill the witness.

Paul grows suspicious of Felix and follows him the night after the murder. Felix goes to the tree where his loved one was hung and knees down...the tree is surrounded by candles.

Paul then has a nightmare about eyes and apples...which makes me wonder if he wast he one who killed Felix's family 15 years prior and tried to frame him....this would explain the apples and eyes.

Now the mania from this nightmare pushes Paul over the edge...and the fight scene with Felix ends with Paul killing him. Paul confesses to this and utters the line from the original story to pull up the floorboards...he also sees Felix's face when looking at Dupin.

The original story can be heard on YT and only takes about 15 minutes so i can understand the short game...I also caught the references like the focus on an eye and the line from the story. I still like the series and hope to see more installments soon.

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Re:What the??? and I'm a Guppy!!!!

[Post New]by tookat on Nov 19, 15 3:14 PM
Spoilers, so don't highlight if you haven't finished the full game.

Good thinking dog2007......the apple was a reference not just to the house, but the wife was left in an apple tree.
The bag of flour was a reference to the daughter having been left in a flour bag that was emptied.

I don't think Paul could have done the original murder though....he looked as if he was a young man, more towards twenty than thirty, and Felix is a much older man.
The original murder occurred bear with me now, I cannot remember exactly but I have the impression Dupin said it was fifteen years earlier....but even if Paul was 30, it is unlikely that a 15 year old could have overwhelmed and killed a woman in her prime......and hung her up in a tree like that.
He could have......15 was considered fully grown in those days.....
but, it just doesn't seem likely to me.

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Re:What the??? and I'm a Guppy!!!!

[Post New]by laurakay76 on Nov 19, 15 7:17 PM
Congratulations on Guppydom!

I'm so glad I'm not the only confused one here. I just finished it and I've been sort of gaping like a goldfish because I'm so dissatisfied by the resolution. More questions than answers, indeed. I bought this in the Dark Parables sale, so I got it for much less than the usual price, and I'm really glad - it's so short and incomplete that I would have felt ripped off at regular CE price.

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Re:What the??? and I'm a Guppy!!!!

[Post New]by Arien1 on Nov 20, 15 9:21 AM
Congrats on Guppydom!

I was also really confused by this game and felt like something was missing. The bonus game didn't really help. In fact, depending on which ending you pick, it can make things even more confusing.

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Re:What the??? and I'm a Guppy!!!!

[Post New]by faboomama on Nov 28, 15 7:32 AM
I'm not the only one! Usually the EAP games are pretty long and well-thought out. I was shocked by the end. I also wondered if there was a glitch.


Re:What the??? and I'm a Guppy!!!!

[Post New]by shelterhill on Dec 14, 15 7:05 AM
Just finished the SE, which i started about two hours ago

Still don't get the ending even with all the posts here.. well... I'll guess I'll never find out

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