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Anyone else stuck in the classroom?

[Post New]by cherylt928 on Nov 16, 15 5:45 PM
It looks like there may be something I need to do on the desk to the right of the chalkboard. The hint button and map repeatedly point me to this area, but it is already "used up", and I don't know what I missed while I was there in the past. In my toolbar, I have half an easel, and inkwell and a mosaic piece and that is it. There is nothing to do in any other areas / scenes of the game. So, I'm stuck!

So, does anyone else have this problem as well? There seems to be lots of people stuck in various areas of the game, but not in the classroom. Also, there are no updates available at this time....

Thanks to anyone who can let me know if they too had the same problem, and if I do have to start over. I already played once with NO problems, so I am not sure why this problem is occurring now.

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