Between The Worlds

[Post New]by Spicknick on Oct 23, 09 2:30 AM
I downloaded this for a trial period but found it so slow which is ashame because the graphics etc are pretty good anyone else having this problem ?


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Re:Between The Worlds

[Post New]by cll1950 on Nov 4, 09 2:58 PM
Honey, slow is an understatement. It took me about 10 min. to write my name and choose a player. I thought it might be the custom cursor but there was not a choice in options. I'm very dissapointed. I thought I would love this game. I'm gonna' see if I can find it on another site and see if it's any better.

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Re:Between The Worlds

[Post New]by bajacalla on Apr 4, 10 3:55 PM
I just downloaded the trial, and will *not* be purchasing it, although HOGs are my favorite genre.

there are too many dialogue screens.
the hidden object screens are not clever, they are cluttered and illogical.
some of the items are impossibly tiny and/or hidden by other objects.
the storyline is boring.

but maybe it's just me.

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