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trick for flower shop?

[Post New]by 123bird on Oct 23, 09 7:15 AM
Does anynoe have any tricks for the flower shop I can't seem to get past day 10 of the flower shop because of the vampires is there something I should have upgraded or bought too keep them happy??


Re:trick for flower shop?

[Post New]by okletmewin12 on Oct 23, 09 1:40 PM
i had serious trouble with the flower shop ~ got thru all other shops and flower shop up to level 25 with superstar scores

so i only had the one level left to get, and i must have spent a week, honest, trying to get that last level ~ finally gave up and started all over again sheesh

1st time i played i kept switching from store to store, this time i played til i had flower shop unlocked then just stayed there and played the whole thing thru

i skipped any purchases on day one, day two i got better shoes and 2nd flower machine, next i bought the cookie dispenser and kept upgrading that early, then the ribbon spinner, after that the extra boquet holder and the decoration machine and finally a 2nd ribbon dispenser and 3rd flower machine

i never bothered with the tv, with the totally upgraded cookie dispenser you don't need it, and it just takes time away from other chores to stop and put it on, i ignored upgrading the decoration dispenser and the 3rd oven until i had nothing left to spend my $ on ~ just kept upgrading everything else as soon as i could, concentrating on the cookie dispenser and one of the ribbon dispensers first

and to keep customers under control and not have too many of em turned into vampires or whatever, i leave money on counter if they're in the lineup, as long as the thief isn't there too, if he's around always grab the money first otherwise let it sit there until after the vampire has turned anyone he's going to and you have dealt with all of them, if you pickup money with 2 or 3 vamps in the line you'll just get more customers coming in and they'll get turned too

the timing is a fine line between keeping customers out til vamps done and dragging them in, in a hurry, because store is about to close, but you can get there eventually, i finally did

oh, and don't forget to watch for the timer in bottom menu bar, if you serve someone at the last minute as they are starting to leave angry, you get a little timer you can click on to freeze time for a bit, so you can catch your breath and catch up, you don't get it often and it's only usuable if it has some green dots around it, but it helps and i'm pretty sure it's only in the flower shop and cake shop

now i'm stuck on sushi bar day 24 need 1500 as goal or 2000 for superstar, i can just barely hit 1500 and miles away from 2000 but i know it's do-able i did it before i restarted the game to get the flower shop done right, go figure, lol!


Re:trick for flower shop?

[Post New]by LittleFreedom on Oct 24, 09 6:36 AM
I always buy the TV and use it accordingly, I also upgrade the TV as soon as I can. Vampires are the Red button.

Buying cake toppers really gets your money up there too.

And finally did you move the paper machine closer to the ovens? The first time I played I didn't do that until the middle of the game!


Re:trick for flower shop?

[Post New]by cskmartin on Nov 2, 09 7:16 PM
I have also found that in the flower shop keeping her shoes fast helps a lot.

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Re:trick for flower shop?

[Post New]by SeverineSnape on Nov 8, 09 1:34 PM
I virtually never buy the TV and only the basic flower toppers. I prefer buying upgreades that will make you faster over ones that give you more actions to perform. I do like the cookies.

With the vampires I wait serving customers till the vampires changed them, whenever I can, so I don't end up with unclaimed orders.

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