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I'm SOOOO bored!

[Post New]by 3076cmc on Oct 25, 09 6:52 AM
Okay, is it me or am I the only one getting bored with ALL types of games?
Hidden Objects- been there
Time management - done that
RPG - didn't like

I think you can see where I'm going. I love TM games the most. This one specifically bored me to death. I forced myself to play since I purchased it, but I cannot keep interested.

My recent favorite was Farm Frenzy 3, although a little different than typical TM games, the strategy kept me coming back for more. I even went back and started from the first, second and the pizza party versions.

I'm anxious for Ranch Rush 2 to come out, if it ever will.

Sorry to complain, but I feel better now that I voiced my opinion.

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Re:I'm SOOOO bored!

[Post New]by 123bird on Oct 25, 09 8:41 AM
Hi I know what you mean espically when you just do the same thing over. with Ranch rush you are able to try different patterns with the fields and purchase as many or less of the animals. Now with this cake mania street I'am frustrated because on certain levels they steal your money or leave without paying and if you did that in real life you would get arrestedl Now that you recommend farm frezeny I will give it a try.

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