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Bonus Game Not Saving Progress...

[Post New]by EdsMom311 on Nov 21, 15 4:46 PM
I really enjoyed this game, although a few things are getting a little old and they need to refresh some things. Anyway, I get to the Bonus Chapter and play a while, shut down the game to eat, came back and now it wants me to start the whole Bonus Game all over again!! That's nuts! The only thing I can do is sit down and play it through to the end I guess.
Seems that there are more and more games, CE, that come out have all sorts of problems and glitches in them. I'm sorry, but if I cannot play the game I don't like paying for it if BF is not living up to their end of the bargain here. Don't know how the process works of BF getting the games for the site, but it seems there are a few that have problems and you cannot finish playing, or play at all. I feel like BF gets my money and that is the main goal. They don't put out the quality they did in the past. Very disappointed.....tired of wasting my money.

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