Second to last level

[Post New]by JoePizunk on Oct 25, 09 4:49 PM
I'm stuck on the second to last level. I can't seem to get enough points. The best I've gotten is 89,000 or so and I need 97,000. Are there any secrets to increase points? I serve all of the groups, but I just don't think I can really move any faster. Any suggestions?


Re:Second to last level

[Post New]by NANNERR on Nov 14, 09 9:53 PM
I have a similar problem! I can't do better than 9200. I serve every group - haven't lost any, am getting all the double action points and clicking on the dragon each time for the extra 150, Seems impossible!

just saw another post that made me realize the trick may be to replay the potion level to get the triple magic potion. that would bump up the magic points in no time. I just can't remember where the potion levels are, lol.

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Re:Second to last level

[Post New]by notabird on Sep 1, 10 12:58 PM
One trick that screwed me up was to remember to favor seating folks at the bar first - they pick up their drinks on their own without your help and faster too. I had forgotten that the first time I played. Other than that, realize that you don't HAVE to order the drinks from the bar after taking orders from the customer. Here's what I did and SKATED through to the end after employing this strategy:
Immediately as the level begins, hit the first potion ten times (mash the button). Do the same for the other drinks too - as fast as you can, in between seating folks as necessary. Every time there's a tiny break, pick a drink and mash another ten orders from the bar. Eventually the bar is just SPINNING with orders and when you get to the bar you almost immediately pick up everything you need.

Hope that is helpful.

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