Fizzball won't Start

[Post New]by zyxzxyz on Nov 24, 15 3:38 AM
I having a problem starting the game Fizzball. Initially, the game ran well on my PC computer that uses an ATI 9800 Pro video card. After playing the game over several days and then visiting the Animal Sanctuary in the game, Fizzball won't properly start. It initially tries to start, switching video mode to a different resolution (at full screen) but then suddenly closes without any error message. The only clue that it leaves is two 0 byte files in the Fizzball directory: stderr.txt and stdout.txt.

I've tried deleting these files, deleting the files in the documents and setting/USER NAME/local settings/application data/grubby games/fizzball data directory but the problem persists. Tried adjusting the system default video resolution too but the problem persists...

I use a dual boot computer and the odd thing is that the game is only having this problem while running on Windows XP. The same games is running fine on Windows 7 using the same hardware. However, I have not visited the Animal Sanctuary while in Windows 7.

Has anyone figure out have to correct this problem? Is Ryan Clark (main programmer for the game) still participating here?

Grubby Games are some of the finest games I have ever played on a computer. I have Fizzleball, the two Professor Fizzwizzle games (I have the custom levels archive), and My Tribe. I don't know of any more but I'm a fan of Ryan Clark's work and the Grubby Game style of games and I would be interested in trying more of them..


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Re:Fizzball won't Start

[Post New]by zyxzxyz on Nov 27, 15 4:13 PM
I had to re-install the Bigfish Game Manager to get the Fizzball startup problem fixed. There probably some sort of Bigfish "sniffer" to close the Fizzball game if it detects the game isn't registered/paid for or the isn't proper values in the Windows Register file.

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