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how many tanks is everyone buildind?

[Post New]by vpizarro3 on Oct 27, 09 8:57 AM
i'm thinking 3 or may be 6 ...i'm saving up the money first then all my tank .i am playiing all three fishdoms at once

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Re:how many tanks is everyone buildind?

[Post New]by jodice on Oct 28, 09 1:51 PM
I am up to 9 tanks now and the first 5 all look pretty much the same as you have to buy just about everything to get all 3 cups. There is not enough room for all that stuff and so basically every tank is going to look almost the same unless you start playing and ignore the cups! I now have tanks with none of the extra stuff, just fish and plants or just picking the things I like.
I am disappointed in this one not having more backgrounds. The Fishdom H2O has more interesting tanks that have different stuff for each tank. I wish they would combine the good things from the original Fishdom and H2O and make a game that maybe you could just buy updates for that would add new tanks and items to decorate instead of the way they have done Spooky and Harvest Splash...

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