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The Treasure Chest

[Post New]by hermette on Nov 25, 15 12:57 AM
I'm not getting the point of the Treasure Chest. What exactly are we saving the treasures for? Yeah, I mean once the smaller ones get full we can get a bigger one, but why? Right now I've got the biggest I can get. It's full and keeps blinking red and saying it's full. Well what the heck am I supposed to do with it. It's just getting very annoying during my game play. Does anyone know. I checked Help, and all it said was, once it gets full, you can get a bigger one at the store. Well, there are no bigger ones now. I click it and it does nothing. I don't get the point.

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Re:The Treasure Chest

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Nov 25, 15 11:57 AM
Hi hermette, the treasure chest collects tiles you're matching for you to use to buy scene upgrades in between levels. The reason why it's usually full is because you also need amulets (the red masks) in order to buy the scene parts, and there typically aren't many amulets per level so there are always more tiles than you can spend. If you don't buy scene upgrades the game will get stuck at a checkpoint without the continue button until you spend some of your resources to buy whatever scene parts are available.

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