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Level 36

[Post New]by mitupogo on Nov 25, 15 10:39 PM
Any suggestions on this level?

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Re:Level 36

[Post New]by maurorh on Dec 3, 15 8:07 PM
I can't remember the exact sequence once I crossed the bridge on the right but I think once you get the basics and get started, you'll be okay.
Chop the wood, build 2 lumber mills, collect the money, remove the boulder and build a cafe. Repair the bridge on the left, chop the wood and build a cafe. Remove the boulder and money in front of the firehouse. Demolish a lumber mill and build a gas station. When you have enough food, demolish a cafe and build a house. At 160 gal. demolish the gas station and build a house. Can't remember when I repaired the hospital but you can't get to the air pad until the patient is out of the way. Build the 2nd bridge and work toward chopping the wood before the meteors come plus you'll need the gas behind them. Do this while working on clearing the front of the air pad. (Eventually all buildings should be turned into houses because you'll need the money.) Once the way to the air pad is cleared, start removing the people while finishing everything else.
Good luck

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Re:Level 36

[Post New]by plat1098 on May 18, 16 10:42 AM
Dated post but here's some tips for this really tight level:

1. Build two lumberyards and diner in spaces next to camp. Eventually upgrade diner to two stars.
2. When big bridge is built leading to the heli pad, demolish one lumberyard, build house.
3. Chop as much wood on the right side as possible, because when the meteors hit, that's extra cash flying out the window. Limit fires to two.
4. Build second big bridge leading to hospital and firehouse, When hospital is repaired, demolish lumberyard there, build gas station. Build another house in empty slot.
5. When you have about 240 units of gas saved up, demolish gas station, build house.
6. Collect wandering animals on the run, they're click-bait!

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