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Quest swift hands 3

[Post New]by salsaz on Nov 28, 15 4:40 PM
Impossible to complete 6 items in 3 seconds when only 4 items show at once and it takes more than 3 seconds for new items to come up. So annoying cause it's obviously stopping other quests from coming up until done, but impossible to do.

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Re:Quest swift hands 3

[Post New]by amma1951 on Dec 3, 15 5:59 PM
I agree. There needs to be an update to this game about this problem.

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Re:Quest swift hands 3

[Post New]by TracyS123 on Dec 12, 15 7:37 AM
OMG, you think the swift hands 3 is hard? I did too until I finally completed that one and eventually got swift hands 4 which requires you to get 8 items in 3 seconds!

For swift hands 3, wait until you get one of those rounds where some old person with a bad memory comes in and gives you a list of 8 items that he/she wants. Write them down so you don't have to remember them and wait until you get one where 6 items are located relatively close together.

If 6 of the items aren't close together, just go back to the garden (without completing that round) and play it over again. Keep doing that until you succeed. That's what I've been doing with swift hands 4 but I just cannot get it.

The game won't give me any more quests until I complete it and it just isn't possible. If I got one where all 8 items were bunched together, MAYBE I could do it and that's a big maybe. I'm so fed up that I'm probably going to stop playing the game. I was enjoying the game enough to keep playing it until this. Now I'm so frustrated that it isn't worth it and I will probably stop playing.

Good luck!


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