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[Post New]by Kathilisa on Oct 31, 12 4:32 PM
junapoks, you need to go into the cellar next to the schoolroom, there's a grinding stone you have to fix the fanbelt on, then you can sharpen the knife

hope this helps

(edited as I got the wrong location yesterday, hope nobody read it )

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Re:Toy Store – Basement

[Post New]by pcy48 on Nov 1, 12 4:01 PM
I am having trouble with the phone in the toy store. I cannot get to the puzzle to fix the phone. I have read somewhere that you have to spray the bugs, but mine does not have any bugs. Help please.


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[Post New]by bj7284 on Nov 19, 12 4:22 PM
LizzieK wrote:
mudgemuffin wrote:Thanks Lizzie the diagrams helped a lot , but now i have screwdriver,rope,damp cloth and stick don't know where else to use these items. I went backwards but no new areas to explore to puzzles to solve and can not find the twins coffin

Once you connect the wires the phone will work. But you have to get the correct phone number from the Gingerbread house closet. It is on the back of the poster in the closet.

When you have the phone number click on the phone for a closeup view and then click on the silver receiver to get a faint dial tone. After you dial the correct number the door to the left of the phone should open and you can go in there.

Poke the bucket with the long stick and the bucket will be loose.

Then go back through the house to the outside scene at the top of the well. Go to the close up of the well and turn the handle and the bucket will raise and the dull knife will be inside.

Sharpen the dull knife on the grinding stone in the schoolhouse cellar. Then in the Toy Store basement cut open the poor old teddy bear and get the matches.


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[Post New]by airman1050278 on Dec 5, 12 12:23 PM
i finally got the lights you got go counter clock wise around


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[Post New]by sebers on Jan 11, 13 2:35 PM
I am having a lot of trouble with the phone connection. I get to the 20th connection and can't get any further. I'm about 4 years behind everybody else who has posted on this game! I tried to go to LizzieK's Photobucket site for help and it was gone, of course. Could someone PLEASE give me a hint so I can continue?

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[Post New]by sadie700 on Feb 11, 13 11:47 AM
I got the phone to work and called, of course, Big Fish. Now what? I don't have anywhere else to go. Help! I'm going on 10 hours with this frustration, I've stopped and played two other games in the meantime


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[Post New]by BBarberich on Apr 3, 13 6:21 PM
How do you dissect the bear?


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[Post New]by taswolf on Jul 27, 13 1:44 PM
The real question is how do you open the teddy bear and why won't the stove 600 degree pattern work on the cellar door? Is there a glitch in my game? Cause everything else on here was easy for me, including the circuits and phone. Can someone please help me with the bear and cellar door? Thanks


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[Post New]by Taneesha3578 on Sep 25, 13 12:59 AM
If Anyone is Wanting to know the Telephone Number, it is ''849-0776"
I found it where the twins escape on a piece of paper.
This made me get through, I hope this has helped!!


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[Post New]by daba555 on Sep 8, 14 2:31 PM
Dara6028 wrote:
Kzlyh wrote:Solution for "single path" lights

SPOILER:Up-right, left, left, down-left, left, rith, right, down, down, up-left, right, right, down, down, right, up, left, down-right, down, up-left, right, left, down, left, right, up-right, up, left, down, left

I cannot figure out what this all means - I came here hoping for a walkthrough, which there isn't one, and found this spoiler, but can't figure out how to use it.

I know it's an older game, but can anyone help me, please? There also seems to be a lot of posts that don't show up

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