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Weather Lord: Following the Princess

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Nov 29, 15 12:29 AM
An old nemesis returns but only as a forbearer of something even more malevolent in the epic Weather Lord: Following the Princess! The power to command powerful weather systems are still yours as you set off on a journey to rescue a princess from captivity, rebuild a ravaged land, and stop a relentless force from destroying the magical Kingdom of Lorraine!

As you progress, you'll help the natives by gathering resources, rebuilding their villages, and completing quests, using sunlight, rain, wind, and thunder to replenish crops, eliminate ghosts and bandits, and remove obstacles. You can complete these tasks however you choose: you can either work quickly to reap the best rewards, or take your time and enjoy the colorful graphics, captivating music, and addictive gameplay!

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Re:Weather Lord: Following the Princess

[Post New]by Penny1942 on Nov 29, 15 8:12 AM
I bought the CE copy of this game. Let me just say if you can afford the CE edition I recommend that you go buy that copy with today's sale. The included strategy guide helped me immensely through the latter portions of the game and I still haven't finished it. I didn't know what to build first, what special items to put in my bag, how to kill the ogres, and this is not my first TM game. I own all of the Weather Lord series. Great graphics! Lots of fun, has a relaxed mode!

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