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[Post New]by paulapmorris on Oct 30, 09 4:39 PM
i have loaded the game twice and it will not play full screen, and the option full screen is selected. Even when i changed the computer resolution, it still remained in the upper left corner. Any suggestions?


Re:not full screen

[Post New]by mike_farren on Oct 31, 09 4:02 AM
I've had a couple of games like that, and I've found that if I right-click on my desktop, outside of the game 'screen', it will jump to full-screen, no problem. Once in a while, I had to change computer resolution to make it happen, and even (once) had to change the resolution to exactly what the game wanted - usually, 800X600 or 1024X768.

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Re:not full screen

[Post New]by azerena on Jun 20, 11 4:05 PM
Thank you Mike. You answered my question.

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