Blooming Friendship....????????

[Post New]by Sammy690 on Oct 30, 09 9:13 PM
I bought all the stuff for Angela and gave it to her....bought the permit... and bought Uncle Nunzio his CD but when I go to the judge he says he won't give to me because I didn't have everything ready the first time? what now?

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Re:Blooming Friendship....????????

[Post New]by Saca523 on Nov 12, 09 2:29 PM
I just beat this level about 3 minutes ago. I was trying to do everything that her uncle needs her to do and it was not working, the best way to do it is to totally ignore everything her uncle is asking, it is NOT a requirement for the level.

Work out everyday, eat, talk to the family and make sure that you have work high enough because when you don't finish the zoning request you take a hit in the work area of life.
However if you have been working on keeping that pretty high then it should be ok, the best way to tell if you have enough of the bars filled is to look at the letters of the words, if you have all the bars past the first letter of the word then you should have enough of it filled, and don't forget to buy the rollerblades.

I read on the forum that you should not do a task two times in a row and this is true make sure that you are varying the tasks. To get her health high I like to eat right away in the morning then head right to the gym. I have her swim for +3 then lift for +2 and then swim again. Then go home again and eat, work at the cafe, eat, work at uncle's, home, read, talk to mom, clean, read and so on. Just find a groove that works for you.

Also make sure that you are talking to all the members of the family including your soon to be brother in law at the cafe, let him talk to you about your sister and talk to your cousin Maurizio at the mall, if you have time you should hang out with him it is a good way to fill the family bar.

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Re:Blooming Friendship....????????

[Post New]by sammster on Feb 20, 10 5:11 PM
Thank you, Saca523!

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